Ways to Make Women More Inclined to Sports

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The ideal woman’s body has changed significantly from decade to decade. There was a time when women were expected to become stick thin in order to be called sexy but over the past years, the sexy woman now is defined as someone who is not only fit but it also healthy. Women are now expected to be strong and they can do this by playing more sports.

The ultimate problem is that a lot of women do not have time to do sports anymore. They usually exercise and go to the gym but if you would require them to participate in some sport events, they may fail miserably. This is not true for all women of course but over the past years, the number of women who actively participate in sports have dwindled.

It will help if women could find a sport that they actually love. If they become passionate about it, they would start finding time for it. If you gain an interest with playing Pickleball then you will do everything just to play it. You may also purchase new items from trusted stores. Check out the best new Pickleball paddles. You will not be disappointed with the selections available. Make sure to read up on their different features so you will find the one that you need.

Ways to Make Women More Inclined to Sports

At this point, you may say that you have always loved sports but you feel that younger women are more expected to play it. This is not true. A lot of women are expected to join and most of them have no age requirements. You simply need to go to where some women usually hang out and you may join. There are also some classes that you can take in order to become more active and prepared for the sport that you want.

  • Choose to play in places where the facilities are not run down. If you would be forced to play badminton in a center that seems to be old and abandoned, how would you feel? It is very likely that you will feel a bit scared that the items you are renting may suddenly break down while you are using them.
  • Try out different sports. If you have never done any sport in the past, it will be ideal to check out the different ones that are available. The moment that you find the sport that you love, everything will change.
  • Do not be afraid to take up lessons from other professionals. If you are serious about the sport that you have chosen, allow professionals to provide you with the help that you need. The more that you know about the sport and the more techniques that you learn, the better you would play.
  • Have goals. The more goals that you have, the more motivated you will be in doing the sport that you have chosen. Take things one step at a time. It will make a lot of difference.

With all of these things in mind, you can be more inclined to take sports.

A New Mom’s Guide to Buying A Baby Car Seat

Car seats tend to cause a lot of confusion, especially among new mothers. Being a new mom is overwhelming enough as it is, and to make such purchase decisions for your little one requires a lot of effort. It feels like there’s so much you have to know – and that goes for whether you’re a first time parent, or searching for another car seat on the grounds that your infant or kid has outgrown theirs. It doesn’t help that there’s so much language: things like Isofix, sponsors, i-measure, R44, side effect assurance… the list goes on.

The primary thing you have to know is that in Canada all kids need to use a car seat from birth until 12 years of age (or until they are 135cm tall, whichever they achieve first). The car seat you purchase needs to meet certain requirements, and your kid should be in the right type of seat according to their age and size.

A New Mom’s Guide to Buying A Baby Car Seat

To slice through the all the unending stuff that is written about baby cars seats, we’ve compiled the basics for you. Regardless of whether you’re truly new to car seats, or simply require a refresher, it will help you out. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before making the purchase:

  • Why do you require a baby car seat?
  • How many types of car seats are there?
  • What information do you need to know before purchasing one?
  • What is Isofix?

Below we have answered two of the most important questions for you to help narrow your search down. For more information, check out this Kid Sitting Safe article for detailed reviews on different car seats available in the market and online.

What amount do I have to spend on a child car seat?

You should definitely budget for a child car seat. You can spend as low as $25 on a child car seat up to hundreds and thousands of dollars. Our recommendation would be not to ration a car seat, get the best you can. Many moms would prefer not to pay hundreds for a first stage car seat, yet a $350 extended rear-facing car seat, that will last until your child is four years of age, works out around 20p a day over the lifetime of the seat. Group 2/3 seats can be less expensive and as your child grows up he or she can withstand the drive of a crash somewhat better, so this is the place you can save cash yet at the same time get a not too bad high-supported car seat. A costly car seat doesn’t generally promise it’s the most secure alternative, however, it’s probably going to be better quality.

 What does Isofix mean?

Isofix is intended to make installing your car seat brisk and simple. All new cars have the system pre-installed. You basically click in the Isofix connectors on the base of your seat into the Isofix grapple points in the car. These grapple points are metal bar connectors incorporated with the system of your car. The connectors are frequently covered up inside the car’s seat cushioning. Once the connectors are clicked together with your car seat, it’s secured by a third point, either a supporting leg which comes incorporated in with the seat or seat base, or a top tie (a strap that appends to a mount some place behind the back seat). Both of these work to stop the car seat tipping forward during an accident.

Photography is For Everyone

Photography is a never-ending adventure for those that dare to try it. It doesn’t matter whether one is taking selfies or taking wedding shoots. It is therefore very important for one to know their camera well, and how to use it to their advantage. These days, there are many ways through one can learn about photography, one of the most useful being through watching YouTube videos by professionals. We are going to try and go through what you would go through in the greatest online photography courses.

The top companies offering the best online photography classes are as shown below:

  • CreativeLive (classes are free while broadcasted live, but pay to own)
  • Lynda (10-day free trial, lots of skills to choose from)
  • Udemy (has a wider variety of instructors)
  • New York Institute of Photography (fewer classes, but quality instructors)

We know that it can be a little daunting actually deciding what will work for you, and that is we have done the hard work for you to get you just what you need.

Photography is For Everyone

Beginner Photographers: Take These 2 Courses

Fundamentals of Photography Course with John Greengo

If you’re looking for someone that can explain the technical elements of photography, john Greengo is the master. He will give you all the information you need like what shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are, and how they affect your pictures. This course covers everything apart from the realm of post-processing, special techniques, understanding light, etc. To get all of that, the Photography Beginner’s Bundle gets you all the courses to get you started, at a discounted price.

Learn How Your Specific Camera Works

This will teach you all that you need to know about your camera such as the camera model’s buttons, menus, and features, enabling you to take better photos. It also covers issues like out of focus images, blurry subjects, over-exposed sky, etc. All cameras are different in terms of knobs, dials and buttons and they can get pretty confusing despite the fact that all the information is in the manuals. CreativeLive has developed a large catalog of short, digestible video courses that are specific to most camera models. They call them “Camera Fast Starts,” and they are all taught in a very straightforward, comprehendible way.

Photography Masterclass

John Greengo can be a bit overly technical for some people, and not everyone learns that way. Not to worry, because there is a totally different approach to teaching in the Photography Masterclass.

The best thing about this course is that you don’t need a fancy camera to be able to create incredible images. All you really need are the fundamentals of understanding lighting, composition, and your subject.

The Learn and Master Photography System

The instructor of the Learn and Master Photography course, Vince Wallace, does an excellent job at making these technical concepts very relatable and approachable. His teaching style is differs from John Greengo’s.

This course covers learning and mastering the core fundamentals of photography that are essential to taking great photos. If you’re not a beginner but are ready to improve, below are some intermediate-to-advanced online photography classes that show you how to master specific skillsets:

The Best Landscape Photography Courses on CreativeLive

CreativeLive comes with plenty of really great landscape and outdoor photography classes. This targets at someone that is just starting out in landscape photography and wants to improve.

Landscape Photography: Start to Finish with Matt Kloskowski

This will teach you how to do landscape photography really well. It covers all the best pro tips to be able to make a landscape photo that truly stands out.

The Outdoor Photography Experience with Chris Burkard

This course is full of inspiration, valuable tips, and advice for making it as a pro.

Landscape Photography with Marc Muench

In this training, Marc explains creative composition, framing, and lighting techniques for landscapes, and they will change the way that you shoot.

Workout Gear That All Women Seems To Be Obsessing About Right Now

Staying in shape is a lot easier than bouncing back into shape after gaining weight.  But sadly for women gaining weight is often inevitable because working out is sometimes just not an option.  Not all women are healthy enough during pregnancy to do stern workouts, not all women have the time to hit the gym during busy periods of their lives and not all women are lucky enough to be healthy all year round so they can work out.  Sometimes you just cannot avoid gaining weight and that is all right because getting healthy and bouncing back after weight gain is now easier than it ever was before thanks to all of the great workout gear and solutions currently on the market, thanks to all of the workout programs that are at your disposal for free and thanks to all of great fitness supplements that can help you achieve better results a lot quicker.

Workout Gear That All Women Seems To Be Obsessing About Right Now

Why it is good to follow workout gear trends

Have you noticed how all women seem to obsess about a certain workout or fitness product during a certain time?  Well, their reasons are much more than just due to marketing and the popularity of the products.  These workouts, workout gear and supplements are popular for a good reason and that is because they work.  The programs give good results to some women who in turn inspire others to also give it a try.  It is good for you to give trendy workouts and gear a try because you are much more likely to achieve success with these programs since others did get success from them and gear and it is much easier to work out when others are also actively doing the same thing.

The top workout gear that you can try right now

There is a lot of gym gear out there that you can buy for comfortable exercising at your home.  The trendiest workout gear for women to look out for right now includes the following;

Waist trainers – Everyone is going waist trainer crazy because you can actually tone and shape your body while you are working, lying in front of the TV or cleaning your home. The best waist trimmer belt will give you lots of benefits such as a corrected posture, instant slimming of your figure, and protection during workouts and the loss of centimeters around your waist.

Sexy gym outfits – Sexy gym outfits are incredibly trendy right now.  The better you look, the more motivated you feel to look even better.

DumbbellsDumbbell workouts are some of the most popular workouts for women at present because of all of the tremendous bodybuilding benefits that these workouts has.  You can definitely invest in a dumbbell or two for your workouts.

Yoga mats – With a yoga mat you can do much more than yoga.  You can stretch it out, yoga, plank, do sit-ups and plenty of more workouts.

Yoga balls – Yoga balls are great for working out and for office seating because they correct posture and help you focus much better.

Resistance bands – Resistance bands enables you to work out through a series of stretches and pulling.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Yes, you heard it right, yoga can also be practiced on stand-up paddle (SUP) boards and it is probably an experience that you should try as a yoga enthusiast. It tends to develop more mindfulness, focus, balance, and breath skills because it takes all these things to be present as it is done. In the event that you lose your focus or balance, there is a good chance that you’ll find yourself in the water. The best part is that the consequences of losing focus or balance only ends up as a refreshing splash in the water, rather than a fall on a hard floor. This means that you really have to concentrate and absorb all that is around you into your mind, whether it is the wind, the currents, the waves, the sun or the rain. Below are some of the poses that can be used during the “floating practice”.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

1.    Mountain Pose

This is a pose whereby stands around the center of the paddle board with their feet hip apart to maintain stability. All four corners of the feet should touch the board, the spine held tall, shoulders pulled back and the knees relaxed.

2.    Chair Pose

This pose involves the use of a paddle. With both hands parallel to the water, one should use the paddle to keep their hands level, inhaling and then lifting it overhead. As they exhale, they should bend their knees with their arms still extended, until they can feel their knees and their toes on the board.

3.    Forward Bend

In this pose, while in the Utkatasana, one should inhale. As they exhale, they should fold forward with their hands extending down towards the board. Hands should be on either side of the board or touching the shins as the person roles their shoulders away from their ears while inhaling. The spine should then be extended forward with the back parallel to the board. It is a simple exhale and fold forward.

4.    Lunge

From Uttanasana, one should move their hands down and place them on the board so that they are stable for the rest of the process. One should then move their right foot back to the lunge slowly as they check their balance.

5.    Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

From Lunge, step the left foot back and raise the hips coming into Adho Mukha Svanasana. Again, move slowly and notice the balance. (Bonus, try lifting one leg at a time to experience One-Legged Downward-Facing Dog.

There are many more poses that we can add, but we would also like to check out the best paddle boards for yoga. There are many SUP boards on the market and it could get quite confusing when trying to figure out which one will work for you best. That is the reason that we are going to review some of the ones that we thought are the best.

1.    ISLE Airtech 10’4″ Inflatable Paddle Board

ISLE is one of the leading inflatable paddle boards manufacturer in the world, producing boards that serve the different needs of paddlers. It was until very recently when they started manufacturing boards meant for yoga, probably because it is still relatively new. That is when they introduced the Isle Airtech 10’4” Yoga. This is a board that comes with the benefits of the company’s experience in making the best boards for paddlers and below are some of the details as regards to it.


When it comes to length, the ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10’4″ Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board measures an enormous 10 feet 4 inches, which might not sound like much here but is an actual giant when you actually come face to face with it. This is a board that is made targeting young adults and adults only. Children cannot use this rig.

It comes with a width of 31 inches, which is sufficient for what it was made for, yoga. This is because it guarantees you stability with that kind of width, and balance is an important thing when it comes to yoga. For a solid yoga board, the thickness of 6 inches is exactly what is needed to keep the user above the water level as they go about their yoga.


Quality is something that is not new to ISLE basing on their experience with inflatable paddle boards, and it probably the reason why they have become so popular. This board comes with strictly military grade PVC material which is similar to that of which zodiac boats are made of. To enhance the boards strength, they chose an industrial drop stitch instead of the cheap glue method.


The board come with a fantastic gripping pad which covers all the critical positions on the platform which is needless to say essential for any yoga workout. The pad will also grant the user better grip and control over it. There is also a cargo net placement that is located right above the pad. Here is where one can store things such as the paddle and water bottles. A handy hand strap makes it easy to get the board out of the water once done with the yoga.


This is probably the best part about this board, it comes with everything that one would need to maintain it. No need to go buying more stuff to maintain it. Check out below, what it comes with:

  • The board comes with a lightweight aluminum paddle which is both rigid and flexible.
  • The package also includes a back pack carry bag which is intended to make the transportation and storage of the board a piece of cake.
  • The ISLE Airtech yoga also features a high-pressure hand pump which is quite essential for an inflatable paddle board.

All in all, the Isle Airtech 10’4” Yoga iSUP is easily a first-class board and for all of all of those that are looking to have a splendid yoga experience. As long as you’re a young adult or an adult, this is the yoga board for you.

2.    Nixy Venice Yoga

The NIXY Venice Yoga is a pretty new board in the market unlike many others out there, but it is also one of the top performing boards and so we should not dash to judging it. This board is specially made for yoga and with the yoga users in mind, presenting itself as a very powerful vessel. In the short time that it has been in the market, it has quickly proven to the rest that it is one of the top brands and you wouldn’t want to bypass it before checking out some of the details about it.


This board comes with a length of 10 feet 6 inches, which is just the right dimension for yoga users.  It is suitable for adults and young adults but not suitable for teenagers and children since it could easily overwhelm them. It comes with a width of 34 inches, impacting both force and balance. This board is strong and rigid, reducing disturbance as it creates more balance, which is important to yoga users. The 6-inch thickness is fine because it will keep you way above the surface of the water while you’re on the board. This also makes it stronger.


The quality of the board doesn’t fall far from its concept as it is artistically designed to endure the most unsuspected mishaps. This is reinforced by the quality of build which relies on military grade PVC material, also known as the material out of which zodiac boats are made. Instead of using glue, the company opted for an industrial drop stitch construction, making it more durable.


The basic features of the Nixy Venice are one more reason to seriously stick to this board because it really has everything you need. Let’s take it to ground level and look up some of the board’s most prominent features; Shall we?

  • The Nixy Venice Yoga iSUP is one of the best yoga inflatable paddle boards and that can be seen through the specially designed gripping pad. The pad is not only extremely efficient for maneuvers but it’s also very comfortable, accommodating for long yoga workouts.
  • The board also features multiple D-rings attached with a bungee cord which serves as a nifty cargo net. The feature makes a nice little touch for those of you who wish to carry along a few extra items such as your shoes, sunglasses, water bottle or even the board’s paddle.
  • Nixy Venice has an endless supply of features but this last feature is about to blow your mind. The board comes with a triple fin navigation system but here’s the twist: the fins are removable which will enable you to cruise comfortable even in shallow water.
  • NIXY Venice 10’6″ yoga inflatable standup paddle board – colors


Packaging is usually a determining factor for paddle board lovers because it can easily make the difference between a fun adventure and a big burden. Luckily, this board isn’t about to let you down, introducing the complete package.

  • The Nixy Venice comes with 3 removable fins for your utmost convenience.
  • The package also includes a 3-piece adjustable paddle which is both light and compatible.
  • The board also comes with a back pack carry bag for easier transportation and storage.
  • In addition to that, the Nixy Venice also hooks you up with a high-pressure hand pump with its own bag. (ankle leash + repair kit included)

3.    Aqua Marina Flow Yoga

There’s a very huge comparison between standard recreational paddle boards and yoga paddle boards and the Aqua Marina Flow sets out to show those comparisons.

It’s easy to see that the Aqua Marina paddle board was only designed for yoga and using it for something else would be insulting it. It comes housed in a different shape from the other boards, stressing the concept of why it was built. Below we are going to take a look at all the details.


The Aqua Marina Flow Yoga is undeniably a remarkable board but although you shouldn’t make your judgement on whether it is the right one for you or not. Coming at a length of 9.75 feet, this is a board that can be used by teenagers comfortably, as well as young and small sized adults.

The width of the board impacts the stability of the board to a great extent and it is something that one should take into account when deciding if it is the right one for them. At 32 inches, this is an unshaken board that can take care of your needs.  The board comes with a thickness of 6 inches, which will give the user enough distance from the water as they practice their yoga.


It’s needless to say that the quality of the Aqua Marina Flow Yoga is beyond expectations because it is of the company’s habit to create reliable paddle boards and it’s not about to tarnish its reputation. Indeed, the Aqua Marina Flow Yoga paddle board has been fortified with military grade PVC material which is the most robust material of build in the industry. It also comes with an industrial drop stitch construction instead of the classic glue method which has proven to be inefficient over time.


The Flow comes with an amazing surface which is completely covered in gripping pad material. The material is both extremely efficient in giving a firm grip over the board and at being extremely comfortable for those after participating in longer sessions.

One of the features that catches the attention on this board is the D-rings attached with a bungee cord which makes a great cargo net for all of you out there who wish to carry along an extra yoga pad, a pair of shoes or even a paddle. The board also has one extra D-ring by the far rear which is meant to help you attach a safety leash or to tie up the board to docks whenever needed.

It also comes with a tri-fin system which is both great for a better command and for straight tracking, reducing disturbance to the maximum.


Packaging has always been a big deal for inflatable paddle boards and it’s not about to stop either. Aqua Marina Flow Yoga comes in an all-inclusive package with everything you’ll need to maintain the board.

  • The board comes with a high-pressure hand pump which is needless to say the most essential item in your pack.
  • The board is also hooked with a back pack carry bag for easier transportation and storage outside of water.
  • The package also includes 3 removable fins which is great for when you need to cruise in shallow water.

4.    Solstice Bali

This might just be the best SUP for yoga in the industry and a lot of that credit boils down to the fascinating design of the Bali. Unlike the previously reviewed boards, the Bali is preciously designed to embody several tastes. That is why this board makes a great companion for both those of you who worship yoga and live for the adventure. But there is no other way to make up your mind than to look deep down at the minute details of the board.


The Bali measures exactly 10 feet 8 inches in length, which is the perfect size for young adults and adults. The width of the board is also critical as it will significantly impact the vessel’s balance and consequently your stability. Not to worry, the Bali is wide enough to accommodate for a couple paddlers which makes it that much more stable and roomy. (That’s great for yoga)

Although the thickness of the board isn’t that bad, it could have been better. This is not exactly a cheap paddle board which is why thickness shouldn’t be a concern with respect to the weight limit. However, it’s always better to go a little bit above average.


The quality of the board definitely makes up for thickness because Solstice has no time for child play. The Bali is thus strictly made of 1000 denier 3 ply PVC material which is as rigid as it can get. Literally, this build is going to grant you maximum comfort and enable you to actually enjoy your ride without a worry.

The board is also fortified via an industrial drop stitch construction instead of regular glue, making the board that much stronger.


The more you look into the board, the more you observe features that are actually pretty helpful for both yoga lovers and paddlers in general. There is undeniably 101 features to go over here but we’ll take this part to inspect the board’s prominent features only.

  • The Bali features a premium gripping pad, covering almost the board’s entire platform. This feature is awesome for two reasons: First, it will grant you a firmer grip over the board thus better control. Second, it is very comfortable and that is especially profitable for those long yoga sessions.
  • The board also features a practical placement of 4 D-rings which can be connected via a bungee cord and serve as a cargo net. The net will enable you to safely transport your belongings with you and that includes everything from you paddle to your sandals.
  • The board also features a larger extra D-ring on the tail which is meant for safety leash attachment or securing the board whenever needed.
  • Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard


Packaging is an essential criterion for any purchase and that is why Solstice decided to hook you up with almost everything you’ll need to maintain the board.

  • The board comes with a mesh back pack carry bag which would make transportation and storage a piece of cake.
  • The package also includes a high-pressure hand pump and that’s an essential item in the paddler’s package.
  • Last but definitely not least, Bali also comes with a detachable central fin.

5.    Red Paddle Co Activ

The Red Paddle Co industry is one of the pioneers in the game and over time it has emerged as one of the best board making companies in the world. That is why they came up with the Red Paddle Co Activ. This is a board that can be used both for recreational purposes and for yoga. Check out the specifications.


The Red Paddle Co Activ measures about 10 feet 8 inches which is again very generic since it would appeal to a larger buyer base. It was made for young adults and adults alike. The width measures 34 inches and is sufficient for any yoga needs. It comes with a thickness of 6 inches, which will keep the user well above the water level.


Needless to speak of quality here, this board is the leader of the pack, fusing the second layer hard-wearing polymer to the drop-stitch core at the raw material stage.


The Activ is indeed an amazing board and you can check out why, below:

  • The board features a premium Eva pad, covering almost the entirety of the board’s surface which happens to be quite useful for almost any yoga workout. Not only that but once in command of the board, you’ll notice how much firmer your grip can be on the board as it cruises.
  • The board also features multiple carry handles for easier handling outside the water and that is something crucial for a board this large.
  • The board’s gem however needs to be the triple fin dynamic navigation system. The navigation system on the Red Paddle Co Activ is simply flawless as the central fin will cut through the water and improve maneuverability whereas the side fins will grant you an improved tracking ability.


This is probably the best part about this board, it comes with everything that one would need to maintain it. No need to go buying more stuff to maintain it. Check out below, what it comes with:

  • The package includes a wheeled back pack for easier transportation and storage.
  • It also includes a basic repair kit which I doubt you’ll ever need.
  • On top of that, the board comes with a cell phone case for those of you who can’t live without music.
  • Lastly, the package also includes a high-pressure hand pump.

Well, there you have it. Some of the yoga poses that you can do while on your board, and some of the top boards in the market today. The choice is yours to decide what will work best for you.

Healthy Benefits of Grilling and Other Tips

A woman is usually well informed about how to cook but there are some women who may be good at certain types of cooking. For instance, do you consider yourself good at grilling but not so much when it comes to frying or baking food? You have to work with your strengths first and then slowly overcome your weaknesses so that you can become a better cook afterwards.

You are concerned about your health and the health of your family. By grilling the food that you serve, you are giving your family certain benefits. Just remember that your family will not enjoy your cooking if you would not know certain tips for smoker for spring and summer bbqs. There are different things that you can do to make the food that you grill more flavorful and enjoyable. Once you get the proper tips to cook yummy food, you can now focus on the tips that will make grilling healthier.

Healthy Benefits of Grilling and Other Tips

  1. Grill Vegetables

Vegetables are hard to eat even when you have steamed and salted them a bit. Even with some spices, you may still have a hard time eating them because they remain hard. When you grill certain vegetables however, they become soft and easier to pair off with a lot of your other dishes. You can incorporate more vegetables in your diet. Your body will thank you for it.

  1. The Meat Can Retain More Nutrients

Do you realize that when you fry your meat, they usually lose a lot of their natural vitamins and minerals. By grilling, you can retain these nutrients more. The riboflavin and thiamine that you can find in meat will still be there when you eat it. At the same time, the flavors can be great so you can enjoy eating and eat healthy at the same time.

  1. No Need to Use as much Butter

One of the things you do when you normally cook food is you use butter in order to make your dishes more flavorful. When you already know how to grill properly, you can make the food you cook so juicy that you will never need butter that much anymore. There are also a lot of other alternatives that you can use to flavor the food you grill.

  1. You can Bond with Family Members while Grilling

Whether you have an outdoor barbecue with your friends or you are just cooking for the family, it is likely that there will be some people who are willing to help you with grilling. It will give you a chance to talk and catch up with one another. In the end, you can still bond over eating. Grilling can be a fun outdoor activity that a lot of people will enjoy.

  1. You Lessen the Fat You Eat

Do you realize that when you grill food, the extra fat drips off so you are not eating as much fat as before? This is better as compared to frying your steak and realizing later on that you have eaten a lot of fat.

Of course, there are further options that you can do to make grilling even healthier. For example, you can marinade your meat ahead of time with herbs and spices before grilling to further lessen the use of butter. You may also incorporate more vegetables on your dishes. You can grill and be healthy at the same time.

4 Steps to Building Your New Home Photography Studio

Whether you want to take better pictures for your Etsy store, improve on your still photography, or just want some cool shots of your kitty, a home photography studio is definitely the way to go. Building a photography studio in your home seems like it would be difficult, but it’s really not; you probably already have much of what you need!

Assuming you already have a camera, here are 5 steps you can take to start building your new home photography studio today!

4 Steps to Building Your New Home Photography Studio

Find a Room With a Window

Congratulations, you’ve found your photography studio!

You really only need a small corner of the room to actually take pictures, but you’ll need room for your gear and a place to display your work so use the whole space for your studio if you can.

If you don’t have the space to commit the entire room to your photography, that’s okay- what’s really important is the window. Use the window as your main light source, and make sure it is coming into your studio space from the side. Hang up some white paper or any background of your choice at a 90° angle from the window and you are in business!

Get a Tripod

When we are just starting out with photography, the first thing we usually do is get a cool new camera. And of course as with any other cool new toy, we want to play with it! We want to hold it in our hands and point-and-shoot everything we see!

This is great for when you are out and about snapping pics on the fly, but now you are building a home studio where much of what you photograph will be still. You’re not trying to “catch” the perfect picture, but rather are creating it. A tripod will help you to take full advantage of the light from the window by allowing you to take longer exposures, and will also free your hands up to do other stuff.

Low-end tripods are very inexpensive, and for right now that’s all you need to start your home photography studio.

Get a Flash

“Wait- I thought the window was the main light source!”

It is, but that doesn’t mean having a flash isn’t just as important. Your window light will indeed be your main source for lighting your subject, however the sun moves throughout the day and your subject will cast different shadows accordingly. Find a good flash with a swiveling head, and move it to fill in any shadows cast by the window light. You may have to get creative and bounce it off ceilings or walls to get the look you want.

Make a Bounce Card

That’s right, I said “make”! Bounce cards are incredibly easy to make for how wildly useful they are.

What is a bounce card? Simply put, a bounce card is another tool photographers use to reduce shadows and light their subject they way they want to.

Find a piece of white mat board, or even attach a piece of white copy paper to any piece of cardboard. Attach some L-brackets from the hardware store so it stands on its own. Make another one, and wrap it in aluminum foil.

That’s it! You’ve now created one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Place your bounce card next to your subject, just outside the frame. Move it until the light bounces off of it, lightening the shadow. Use the aluminum one if you need it to be even brighter.

You’re Ready to Start Taking Pictures!

Presto! You now have a fully-functioning photography studio and are ready to snap some of the best pictures you’ve ever taken, and you’ll be hooked! Study photography online to continue building your confidence, get more photography gear as you learn to use it, and- most importantly- take as many pictures as you can!

Excellent Ways to Keep it Cool When Menopause Sets in

Although we might not want to admit it, we are going to have to face menopause at some point in the future. Some of us are in that future now, while others are seeing it winking around the corner. And, the most dreaded invader during our menopausal years is enough to drive some women mad. Yes, it’s the evil that is: hot flashes. So, here are some excellent ways to keep it cool when menopause sets in.

light ceiling fans

Of course, you’ll probably want to do a search for the best ceiling fans with lights. Ordinary ceiling fans are just fine, but when they can offer you the ability to see to read, they are all the better. And, when you’ve got an energy efficient ceiling fan, you might find yourself spending a little less on the AC bill. A ceiling fan in every room is recommended, especially if you spend time in them. Otherwise, you can consider these other cooling off options:

  • Eat small meals frequently. The less metabolic heat you generate, the cooler you will feel. And, don’t go for super high protein counts as that raises the metabolic heat you experience.
  • Enjoy spicy foods. They will lead to sweating, which will help cool you down.
  • Try cold tap water. Stick your wrists face up, under cold tap water whenever you get slammed with an intense hot flash.
  • Take a cool shower before bed. We all know that night time is the worst time for menopausal women. It seems hot flashes always want to hit once we’re nice and cozy in bed. Don’t take a cold shower, just a cool one, barely below body heat.
  • Choose cotton clothing. Believe it or not, synthetic fibers trap in heat. But, cotton will absorb sweat and allow you to feel cooler. Learn more.
  • Replace moisturizer with aloe vera after sun products. This a great idea for bed time as it will help lower your skin’s temperature.
  • Stay away from alcohol. As much as you think a cold beer or a refreshing wine will hit the spot, alcohol dehydrates the body. Drink some mineral water instead.
  • Invest in Liquid Ice. It’s a re-usable ice wrap that feels great on hot skin. It cools instantly when you remove it from the packet and won’t need refrigeration.
  • Ingest chrysanthemum tea. This is a cooling herb that has been known to clear the head too. And, we know how scatter brained we can get in menopause. Read this.
  • Get a down pillow. Then use a cotton pillow case. Remember, synthetic materials, pillows included, will retain heat. And you certainly don’t want to be sweating in the middle of the night.
  • Try Black Cohosh. It is a Native American remedy consisting of herbs that have been proven to relieve hot flashes. In fact, that same research has shown that it helps regulate body temperature in menopausal women by working on the hypothalamus.
  • Sleep under a sheet. Many of us prefer to sleep under our comforters. But, if we will ditch those heavy things, we’ll find a good deal of relief. However, you can take it a step further and refrigerate your sheets an hour or two before you go to bed.

Of course, you could always try the mind over matter trick. Just sit back and imagine snow. Learn how to utilize visualization techniques here. In the meantime, stay cool.

Skating Like a Girl is Cool

Maybe you are like many other people; you think that skateboarding is all about the Tony Hawk’s. You have never considered that skating like a girl is cool. In fact, you may have never even heard of any incredible women skateboarding experts. But, you secretly wish you knew how to ollie and 360 kick flip. Good, maybe you can learn some things from the women on our list below.

And, since you are interested in skateboarding, consider learning about the best longboard brands of 2017. Longboarding is a little bit different. The boards are considerably “longer.” Forty-one inches long, in fact. Skating on a longboard is all about speed and carving. So, when you decide you might want to try one out, be sure to read all the reviews about trucks and laminate decks before picking the board that is right for you and your skating environment. Then, read on to learn a few things from other women who love life on four wheels.

Skating Like a Girl is Cool

Super Cool Women Skateboard Stars

The women on our list have tons of combined experience in the industry. They have loved skating since they were young, and some of them have actively pursued it all their lives. If you, too, have a desire to be on the women’s skateboarding circuit, we are sure you can learn a lot from these super cool women skateboard stars:

  • Cindy Whitehead– Cindy started skating professionally, in the 70s when she was just 16 years old. There wasn’t a lot of female competition then. Her tenacity to compete in a male-dominated sport landed her a Puma endorsement. Unfortunately, skate parks began closing and that meant her opportunities to compete dwindled. Five years into her career, everything changed and skating went back into a period of dormancy. Years passed, and though Cindy had plenty of interesting opportunities to work with sports phenoms like Mia Hamm and Peyton Manning, only recently was she able to return to her first love, skateboarding. She has now designed her own board, GN₄LW (GIRL is NOT a 4 Letter Word). Whitehead is the creator of the only female specific board on the market. Click this to learn more.
  • Mimi Knoop– Mimi has been a medalist in five X Games. She loved seeing other women compete in the skating world, but was bothered by the disparity in numbers. So, rather than sit back and feel bad about it, she co-founded hoopla skateboards as well as the Alliance. Hoopla works together with other girl based brands and encourages women’s participation in the world of skateboarding. This offers them a support system that previously did not exist. The Alliance is the voice for women who are actively involved in these sports. Her organization helped convince the X Games to offer a prize purse. Women’s skating events are now overseen by her, as she has become the director of them. Learn more.
  • Leticia Bufoni– Thanks to the Alliance group, Leticia made her way to the X Games. When she was selected, she couldn’t speak English. But, things have changed drastically for her. She moved to California, from Brazil, and has been participating in the Women’s Skateboard Street competitions every year since 2010. Oh, and Nike SB has recently endorsed her as well. She’s the first girl on the Nike SB team and she’s been skating since she was 9 years old. Read this.

These women are role models for skateboard loving girls everywhere. If you think you might want to know more about boarding, you can read reviews at Top Sports Brands.

Things every woman needs in her home before she is 30

In our twenties we are lucky to have a sofa and a bed in our apartment. Starting out your life in a studio apartment small enough to fit two people or sharing a flat with a friend is what the twenties represents. In our 30’s however it is time to get serious about our homes and think of it as our sanctuary. With less nights spent on partying you want to love your home and enjoy staying in on a Friday night. Here are a few things every woman should have in her home before she turns 30.

A cake stand so that you can display your homemade treats. This is not farfetched or silly. If you have friends over for tea you want to display the treats you have prepared on a proper stand. It looks cute and elegant. You might also want to get a good set of wineglasses because plastic cups just won’t cut it anymore. Entertain friends by pouring them a glass of wine in an actual glass with a stem.

Things every woman needs in her home before she is 30

A beautiful rug is another requirement to make any home stylish and cozy. It is just warm and inviting. Invest in a good rug because it can last a long time if you take good care of it. To compliment your rug you might want to take a look at www.westral.com.au for a set of matching blinds. Give mom her old curtains back and spend the money on a set of blinds that you choose. Find a pattern and style that works for you and have it installed.

A dedicated workspace will make work at home easier so make sure you invest in a good desk and chair for work purposes. Decorate your office with motivational posters and trinkets that you like. This will make your work area pleasant and enjoyable. If you are looking for décor ideas try and find some great items at a flea market. Click here to take a look at some of the best flea market finds.

Find a piece of art that inspires you which doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be anything including a sculpture or painting. It will be something that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. The most important thing is that you love it from the first time you see it. Also surround yourself with plants that you will actually take care of now that you are all grown up.

A comfortable mattress is just as important when buying things for your home. Get rid of the old bed and find a mattress that has a warranty. With this one you might want to splurge a little bit as a good night’s sleep is incredibly important. Click here for tips on buying a mattress. Lastly perk things up with photographs of your loved ones. You might be staying alone but your loved ones can always be with you in the form of precious photographs.