Excellent Ways to Keep it Cool When Menopause Sets in

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Although we might not want to admit it, we are going to have to face menopause at some point in the future. Some of us are in that future now, while others are seeing it winking around the corner. And, the most dreaded invader during our menopausal years is enough to drive some women mad. Yes, it’s the evil that is: hot flashes. So, here are some excellent ways to keep it cool when menopause sets in.

light ceiling fans

Of course, you’ll probably want to do a search for the best ceiling fans with lights. Ordinary ceiling fans are just fine, but when they can offer you the ability to see to read, they are all the better. And, when you’ve got an energy efficient ceiling fan, you might find yourself spending a little less on the AC bill. A ceiling fan in every room is recommended, especially if you spend time in them. Otherwise, you can consider these other cooling off options:

  • Eat small meals frequently. The less metabolic heat you generate, the cooler you will feel. And, don’t go for super high protein counts as that raises the metabolic heat you experience.
  • Enjoy spicy foods. They will lead to sweating, which will help cool you down.
  • Try cold tap water. Stick your wrists face up, under cold tap water whenever you get slammed with an intense hot flash.
  • Take a cool shower before bed. We all know that night time is the worst time for menopausal women. It seems hot flashes always want to hit once we’re nice and cozy in bed. Don’t take a cold shower, just a cool one, barely below body heat.
  • Choose cotton clothing. Believe it or not, synthetic fibers trap in heat. But, cotton will absorb sweat and allow you to feel cooler. Learn more.
  • Replace moisturizer with aloe vera after sun products. This a great idea for bed time as it will help lower your skin’s temperature.
  • Stay away from alcohol. As much as you think a cold beer or a refreshing wine will hit the spot, alcohol dehydrates the body. Drink some mineral water instead.
  • Invest in Liquid Ice. It’s a re-usable ice wrap that feels great on hot skin. It cools instantly when you remove it from the packet and won’t need refrigeration.
  • Ingest chrysanthemum tea. This is a cooling herb that has been known to clear the head too. And, we know how scatter brained we can get in menopause. Read this.
  • Get a down pillow. Then use a cotton pillow case. Remember, synthetic materials, pillows included, will retain heat. And you certainly don’t want to be sweating in the middle of the night.
  • Try Black Cohosh. It is a Native American remedy consisting of herbs that have been proven to relieve hot flashes. In fact, that same research has shown that it helps regulate body temperature in menopausal women by working on the hypothalamus.
  • Sleep under a sheet. Many of us prefer to sleep under our comforters. But, if we will ditch those heavy things, we’ll find a good deal of relief. However, you can take it a step further and refrigerate your sheets an hour or two before you go to bed.

Of course, you could always try the mind over matter trick. Just sit back and imagine snow. Learn how to utilize visualization techniques here. In the meantime, stay cool.

Skating Like a Girl is Cool

Maybe you are like many other people; you think that skateboarding is all about the Tony Hawk’s. You have never considered that skating like a girl is cool. In fact, you may have never even heard of any incredible women skateboarding experts. But, you secretly wish you knew how to ollie and 360 kick flip. Good, maybe you can learn some things from the women on our list below.

And, since you are interested in skateboarding, consider learning about the best longboard brands of 2017. Longboarding is a little bit different. The boards are considerably “longer.” Forty-one inches long, in fact. Skating on a longboard is all about speed and carving. So, when you decide you might want to try one out, be sure to read all the reviews about trucks and laminate decks before picking the board that is right for you and your skating environment. Then, read on to learn a few things from other women who love life on four wheels.

Skating Like a Girl is Cool

Super Cool Women Skateboard Stars

The women on our list have tons of combined experience in the industry. They have loved skating since they were young, and some of them have actively pursued it all their lives. If you, too, have a desire to be on the women’s skateboarding circuit, we are sure you can learn a lot from these super cool women skateboard stars:

  • Cindy Whitehead– Cindy started skating professionally, in the 70s when she was just 16 years old. There wasn’t a lot of female competition then. Her tenacity to compete in a male-dominated sport landed her a Puma endorsement. Unfortunately, skate parks began closing and that meant her opportunities to compete dwindled. Five years into her career, everything changed and skating went back into a period of dormancy. Years passed, and though Cindy had plenty of interesting opportunities to work with sports phenoms like Mia Hamm and Peyton Manning, only recently was she able to return to her first love, skateboarding. She has now designed her own board, GN₄LW (GIRL is NOT a 4 Letter Word). Whitehead is the creator of the only female specific board on the market. Click this to learn more.
  • Mimi Knoop– Mimi has been a medalist in five X Games. She loved seeing other women compete in the skating world, but was bothered by the disparity in numbers. So, rather than sit back and feel bad about it, she co-founded hoopla skateboards as well as the Alliance. Hoopla works together with other girl based brands and encourages women’s participation in the world of skateboarding. This offers them a support system that previously did not exist. The Alliance is the voice for women who are actively involved in these sports. Her organization helped convince the X Games to offer a prize purse. Women’s skating events are now overseen by her, as she has become the director of them. Learn more.
  • Leticia Bufoni– Thanks to the Alliance group, Leticia made her way to the X Games. When she was selected, she couldn’t speak English. But, things have changed drastically for her. She moved to California, from Brazil, and has been participating in the Women’s Skateboard Street competitions every year since 2010. Oh, and Nike SB has recently endorsed her as well. She’s the first girl on the Nike SB team and she’s been skating since she was 9 years old. Read this.

These women are role models for skateboard loving girls everywhere. If you think you might want to know more about boarding, you can read reviews at Top Sports Brands.

Things every woman needs in her home before she is 30

In our twenties we are lucky to have a sofa and a bed in our apartment. Starting out your life in a studio apartment small enough to fit two people or sharing a flat with a friend is what the twenties represents. In our 30’s however it is time to get serious about our homes and think of it as our sanctuary. With less nights spent on partying you want to love your home and enjoy staying in on a Friday night. Here are a few things every woman should have in her home before she turns 30.

A cake stand so that you can display your homemade treats. This is not farfetched or silly. If you have friends over for tea you want to display the treats you have prepared on a proper stand. It looks cute and elegant. You might also want to get a good set of wineglasses because plastic cups just won’t cut it anymore. Entertain friends by pouring them a glass of wine in an actual glass with a stem.

Things every woman needs in her home before she is 30

A beautiful rug is another requirement to make any home stylish and cozy. It is just warm and inviting. Invest in a good rug because it can last a long time if you take good care of it. To compliment your rug you might want to take a look at www.westral.com.au for a set of matching blinds. Give mom her old curtains back and spend the money on a set of blinds that you choose. Find a pattern and style that works for you and have it installed.

A dedicated workspace will make work at home easier so make sure you invest in a good desk and chair for work purposes. Decorate your office with motivational posters and trinkets that you like. This will make your work area pleasant and enjoyable. If you are looking for décor ideas try and find some great items at a flea market. Click here to take a look at some of the best flea market finds.

Find a piece of art that inspires you which doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be anything including a sculpture or painting. It will be something that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. The most important thing is that you love it from the first time you see it. Also surround yourself with plants that you will actually take care of now that you are all grown up.

A comfortable mattress is just as important when buying things for your home. Get rid of the old bed and find a mattress that has a warranty. With this one you might want to splurge a little bit as a good night’s sleep is incredibly important. Click here for tips on buying a mattress. Lastly perk things up with photographs of your loved ones. You might be staying alone but your loved ones can always be with you in the form of precious photographs.

Dressing up retro the right way

It is strange that most fashions have come back to haunt us again. It seems like retro or vintage has just never really left us. A lot of women still want to wear elegant clothes and look like the elegant and stylish ladies from the fifties. There is a lot of misconception about vintage or retro style where many ladies think they won’t look good in this elegant and classical style. While it is a style that draws attention it most certainly is positive attention and very individual. If you do it right you won’t look like you are attending a fancy dress party. Everyone has bad wardrobe days and if you decide to go retro for that day you can make your experience a little smoother with the following tips. Click here for some of the best retro must-have clothing items.

Dressing up retro the right way

Every expert says that it is important to dress for your personality and not because you think it will look right. You have to consider how you have always dressed and incorporate retro into that. If you are looking to dress retro you must have some influence that is motivating you to look the part. Poodle skirts, slim waists and V necks were all the rage so if you can combine your style with some of these all time greats you won’t find yourself disappointed with your new look. Take a look at these retro outfits to find inspiration and perhaps add a few essential items to your wardrobe that will complete your outfit. With such great online retailers that provide us with a variety of options to choose from we can dress like we want to.

It is also said that nude stockings with black seams should be avoided. It was worn in the retro days but it isn’t that suitable today. You need to find what speaks the loudest in your outfit. Is it the pattern, the novelty pin or brooch that you are wearing or the crazy hat that you found at a thrift store? It is important to have only one item that makes a statement to really do retro gracefully. That could simply be your red lipstick or a pair of pointy sunglasses. Don’t overdo it and keep your style entwined with the new retro you. The last point is simply that your outfits need to be livable. There is no point in wearing something that makes you feel self conscious or less confident. Fashion is painful yes but you don’t want to be stuck in an outfit that has you tugging and pulling at it the whole day. Find items that are retro and that can be worn with no effort. You want to be comfortable if you are trying out something new. Click here to take a look at some awesome retro makeup ideas.  Just because the women in the old days had to deal with painful beauty procedures and uncomfortable underwear doesn’t mean you have to endure the same fate.

Surprising Tips for Improved Makeup Results

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful.  And every woman has the right to do with her life as she chooses.  If it is your choice to go without makeup for better natural skin then no one has the right to judge your look.  If you prefer to use makeup to cover up some skin conditions or just to feel sexy then you go right ahead and do so.  It is important to do the things that make you feel more confident because if you are more confident and feel better about your look, you are happier in general, you are more outgoing and you feel more comfortable in any situation.  But makeup can be tough.  There are so many different products on the market and so many different skins.  What works for one woman is a disaster for another and it can take a long while before you have established a good makeup routine that works with your natural beauty and skin.  Here are some great makeup tips that you simply must give a try for improved makeup results.

Surprising Tips for Improved Makeup Results

Why using brushes is a must

When you touch your skin to apply makeup, you are spreading germs which can cause a lot of bumps. Good makeup brushes will prevent a lot of germs on your skin and will enable you to apply makeup much more smoothly so you will have a much more natural look.  Click here to have a look at some of the best makeup brush sets currently on the market.  With a good brush set like one of these, you can greatly improve your general makeup look.

Give a good BB cream a try

BB cream is a must for women that go out into the sun a lot and to those who don’t have a lot of time for applying different types of creams.  Most BB creams contains sunscreen and all the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to look great.  These creams are not the best concealer in the world but improve your skin over time which gives you much better results for dark patches in the long run.

Combat oily skin with baby powder

If you have oily skin then there is probably no need to inform you of the struggle.  With oily skin you probably have to apply up to five different creams and oil control lotions just to control the shine.  Without these oils and creams you probably look like a ball of grease.  Baby powder is a terrific alternative that you can try.  Simply put your baby powder on a brush, pad the powder over your makeup on all of the oily areas and viola… your skin will instantly be matt and the oil will be reduced. You can apply baby powder throughout the day because it doesn’t affect your makeup.

Baby shampoo is the perfect makeup remover

Makeup removers can be expensive.  Baby shampoo is a lot cheaper and works just as good.  Baby shampoo doesn’t burn your eyes which mean you can scrub as much as you like and the shampoo is gentle so it won’t dry out your skin.

What Compression Wear Can Do for a Woman’s Workout

Compression wear has been gaining notoriety throughout the fitness community. There are studies that suggest the performance clothing can help lessen muscle fatigue, speed recovery, and increase body awareness. And most compression garments offer a high level of mobility, ensuring that the restrictions of the material will not negatively impact your workout.

Additionally, many of these garments are made of high-tech moisture-wicking fabrics that can help you stay drier even during the most intense sweat sessions. In some cases, you can even find fabrics that offer SPF protection, helping to keep your skin safe from the sun if you take your exercise routine outdoors.

If you are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, here are some compression pieces that can help take your performance to the next level.

What Compression Wear Can Do for a Woman’s Workout

Compression Socks

The majority of workouts require significant time on your feet. Whether you prefer running, racket-based sports, or games like basketball and volleyball, compression socks can help prevent swelling in your lower legs and increase circulation. This can help lessen symptoms of fatigue which may allow you to exercise for longer.

For those with higher arches, compression socks can provide more structural support than may be available through regular options. This can be especially helpful for those who find the general arch support available in most athletic shoes to be insufficient, or just prefer the feel of a snugly held arch.

Compression Pants

Runners and cyclists often favor compression pants for their skin tight fit along with the other benefits associated with compression wear. This can help reduce friction while moving at speed and avoids the discomfort that can occur when looser clothing shifts and bunches.

Those with knee injuries may get the associated benefit of increased stability in previously injured joints. Often, elastic knee braces work by providing additional pressure around the joint. This can help limit slipping and shifts of the knee cap if the tendons can’t provide enough support alone. Additionally, the pressure can help increase body awareness, which may help you maintain better form.

Compression Shirts

When most people think of compression shirts, they likely visualize those designed for men. However, compression shirts can also help women maintain better posture. It increases awareness of the position of the shoulders and back, helping you to keep proper form throughout your exercise activities.

For example, women who enjoy spinning may be less likely to hunch at the shoulders or curve at the spine. It can also help keep your back straight during weight bearing exercises like squats. The increased pressure makes it easier to feel small shifts in your form which can increase your mindfulness regarding how you execute each move.

But compression shirts also carry an extra benefit for women who enjoy working out. Not only will these tops make you more aware of the alignment of your spine and the position of your shoulders, but they can also provide additional support across the chest for those who have trouble finding suitably strong sports bras. Compression wear is designed to fit tight and pulls everything in towards the body, which is exactly what a woman needs when she participates in activities that come with a level of bounce. This includes traditional running, obstacle course racing, various forms of aerobics, and more.

How to Be a Happier Woman This Holiday Season

Christmas time is a terrible time to lots of people.  Some women find Christmas terrible because they are lonely.  Others find Christmas horrid because they are too broke to afford great gifts and some find this time terrible because there are so many family troubles that they have to deal with when relatives come over.  It’s hard to stay positive and happy during the holiday season when these times only seem to depress and frustrate you.  Being happy is a choice and Christmas is what you make of it.  You can either continue being a Grinch every Christmas year by simply doing the same things and saying the same phrases or you can start making some changes in your life so you can also have fun.  It only takes 21 days for your mind to adopt a new habit so here are a few things to do that will make you happier so you can reset your negative holiday attitude and be a little miss sunshine this Christmas.

How to Be a Happier Woman This Holiday Season

  1. Reading comics is a great way to set the mood for the day. Stephen Collins is a modern illustrator that is becoming more and more popular for his hilarious works. You can check out some of his weekly cartoons in The Guardian or visit his site for some glimpses on his work.  His illustrations are terrific and his comics are short and sweet.
  1. Read a daily inspirational quote online so you can be stronger in person but remember to steer clear of negative quotes.
  1. Let go of things that hurt you in the past. All things that relatives said and did to you are in the past.  You are a better person than you used to be and no one knows you well enough to define you.
  1. Let go of unrealistic goals. Any goals that are too hard and any new year’s resolutions that you never got to is probably not worth your time anyway.
  1. Make a list of things that make you happy so you will know what to do when you are sad.
  1. Don’t just think of things that make you happy, do something that makes you happy, even if it is something silly like skinny-dipping.
  1. Stop caring what others think of you. No one’s opinion of you should ever affect your life or decisions.
  1. It’s the holiday season so stop worrying about your weight and enjoy tasty treats. You can lose weight next year and steering clear of anything tasty will only make you depressed.
  1. Do something you have always wanted to do and do it now before the year is out. You will have something great to share with friends and you will feel satisfied with your achievement.

Buy yourself a gorgeous Christmas dress.  If you look great, you will feel great no matter how glum your Christmas party is.  Remember to catch some great holiday photos even if you have to book a photography session with a relative.

Smart Women Knows To Research Their Meds

Medical treatments and medications are constantly debated, tested and examined.  It’s hard for medical professionals and chemists to create a drug or medical treatment that is suitable because there are so many different types of people and these different types of people react so differently to medications.  A drug will go through endless amounts of testing, research and approvals before it is available to the public and even then you can never be sure of how your body will react to certain drugs because what works wonders for one woman’s body can be terrible for another. A smart woman knows to research all medications before using it so she can take good care of herself and prevent damage to her delicate body.

Smart Women Knows To Research Their Meds

Why you should research your meds before you take them

Most medications have side effects.  The most common side effect that most medications have is dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and weight gain and weight loss.  It is important for you to research the side effects of drugs so you will know what is happening to your body when you are experiencing these effects.  If you know what the side effects are, you will know to discontinue usage of the prescribed medications.  If the symptoms are something you can live with then you will also know not to worry too much about the effects or to look for an alternative generic medication.

Where to research your meds

Each and every medical product on the market is issued with instructive pamphlets where you can find out all about the medications uses, directions for usage, possible side effects, ingredients and more.  But these terms can sometimes be a bit difficult for women who are not in the medical field to grasp.  If you want to know more about medications then an online search can be helpful because pharmaceutical companies often have better elaborations on medications on their websites.  If you are experiencing strange side effects or want to know how other people found the medications then Yahoo answers can also give you some valuable information because these answers are usually given by real women and their real experiences with the medical products.

Remember that the internet is not always the most reliable source

When you research medications online or read up on other people’s experiences with medications you should always keep in mind that not everyone online is truthful or has the experience to give medical advice.   Online information can be used as reference or guidance but your doctor is the most reliable source in the end.

Check out Dove Press for frequent medical updates

Dove Press is an academic publisher of reviewed scientific and medical journals.  The company is from London in the United Kingdom and anyone can read some of the articles they have on medications and treatments. Dove Press is a terrific press company to scout if you love medical science and want to be aware of certain effects of medications, diseases and illnesses.  You can find useful articles on just about any type of medications and treatments.  The articles might not always be about your personal condition but it is still good to know about the latest technology in medical science for general health purposes.

How You Can Stay Healthy During the Holidays

You know that the holiday is one of the most stressful times of the year. When you are stressed, you tend to overeat food that you do not need or you do not eat at all. When your body does not get enough nutrients, it will be weaker against other forms of diseases.

It has been said that getting vaccinated for a wide variety of diseases is one thing that you can do in order to stay healthy during the holidays but if you do not have time to get vaccines, you can still stay healthy with the right methods. How can you enjoy the holiday season when you are feeling sick?

How You Can Stay Healthy During the Holidays

One of the most obvious things that you can do is to relax. When you are stressed out, you will not be able to do anything about it. You will get sick eventually and you will find it hard to recover. In order to feel good, you can just search for the right vape pen that you can see when you click here. Perhaps it can be your gift to yourself or you may ask someone else to give it to you. For sure, you will enjoy it greatly. Just imagine vaping after a long day or in between doing tasks. It will help you feel that you are ready for new tasks coming in your way.

Now that you are more relaxed, here are other things that you can do so that you can stay healthy during the holidays:

  1. Make sure that you will not spread germs. If you sneeze or you cough, make sure that you have alcohol with you so that you can clean your hands. Washing your hands often will also help. If you hold another item after sneezing or coughing, you are increasing the chances that other people will get the germs, bacteria or viruses that you have spread.
  2. Continue to hydrate yourself. One of the mistakes that people make during the holidays is not drinking enough water or other forms of fluids. This may be because of the low temperatures and people do not usually feel that they need to drink. Keeping yourself hydrated will make sure that your mucous membranes are moist. It will lessen the possibility of bugs staying in your system longer than they should.
  3. Get a massage. Once again, it is all about relaxing yourself enough so that you can improve your immune system. If you would get a massage, it will be enough to refresh your whole being and generally make you feel better.
  4. Get to know if you should actually eat treats or not. You may say that you deserve to get some of the treats that you would like to eat but the added sugar will not be good for your body. Remember that sugar is one of the main reasons why you become more susceptible to various diseases so as long as you can keep away from sugar, do it.

Remember that the holiday season will make you want to eat more and just spend time with the people that you love but it should not take a toll on your health.

2016’s Best Health Blogs for Women

Women have unique health issues. Even those that we share with our male counterparts can affect us in completely different ways than they do men. That is why it is important to keep up to date with the issues that abound. Women’s health blogs are a great way to stay abreast of things that are specific to our well-being. So, we are providing you with 2016’s best health blogs for women. You can’t go wrong spending time on these sites.

However, if you think you can do a better job, maybe you can be the star of our 2017 list. Just make sure to employ www.advertiseworld.com/blog.html because they can help you monetize your site. You want to make money as you write, so including ads is a necessity. Unfortunately, 40% of online readers are utilizing ad-blockers. Thankfully, Advertise World has come up with the answer to that problem, unblockable ads. Some say this has increased their blog’s monetary gains by 23%! But, if you’re not ready to start you own women’s health blog, and most of us aren’t, just visit the ones on this list.

2016’s Best Health Blogs for Women

Top 7 Women’s Health Blogs of the Year

We like to include the lesser known blogs in our lists because sometimes these are better written sites and include less bogus blogs. Whenever possible, we have included mom blogs because women who have the joy of motherhood, also have the challenge of maintaining some semblance of healthy living. Therefore, enjoy the following top 7 women’s health blogs of the year:

  1. Wellness Mama– Katie, the site’s author is a mother of six all under the age of 10! There’s a digital library for your perusal as well. We suggest you read more about this site.
  2. The Great Fitness Experiment– If you need a laugh about your own fitness journey, this is the site for you. She’s a mother of three with a health condition and a great sense of humor.
  3. Carla Birnberg– If you want someone who understands that the struggle is real, this site is for you. This mom lost 35 pounds two decades ago and it’s all about “what you can, when you can.” Even Venus Williams likes her process.
  4. Ask Lauren Fleshman– We don’t know if she’s a mom, but she is a famous runner. If you need encouragement and advice about your own running endeavors, this is a great go to.
  5. Girls Gone Strong- We especially like the concept here. Women are definitely the weight loss and fitness industry’s prey, and it’s time we took a stand for our own health. Check it out right here.
  6. Jill Fit- If you are hoping to get that super model body, maybe Jill Coleman, a health guru, can get you started on that path. Of course, we’d prefer you learn to be ok with who you are, just make it a healthier you.
  7. Neghar Fonooni– This mom is an Air Force Veteran with an incredibly eclectic blog. So, whether you are interested in skateboarding for fitness, or eliminating cellulite, you will probably find something of interest

If for some inexplicable reason you don’t find these blogs to be the best ones online, then we suppose you could take a look at the list on this site instead.