Women Fitness: Balance Training

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Balance training is a great way to lose weight and gain strength. Our balance is put to test everyday, be it carrying groceries up the stairs or during our yoga routine. Having proper balance allows us to perform tasks with our feet properly planted and no chance of stumbling. It doesn’t stop just there, it also helps improve posture, lose fat, and strengthen your core. You need to understand that a lot of core exercises bank on balance to help bring stability and strengthen muscles.

The great thing about balance training is that it doesn’t just target one muscle group or joint, it targets multiple if not all. It allows you to change your normal exercise routine and add a different perspective to your fitness regime that targets your whole body. This allows you to sculpt and get a more lean body overall.

Women Fitness: Balance Training

You don’t have to spend hours doing balance training to get your desired results. If you get the right program, spending 10-15 minutes daily can help you achieve quite a lot. Here are some benefits to balance training:

  • Helps you burn fat
  • Gain more control over your body
  • Prevents injuries to joints
  • Keeps you active
  • Increase strength and power
  • Makes you more agile
  • Improves your long term health

For balance training we recommend you get a balance board. You can check out the best balance board of 2017. A board is not a requirement though so if you don’t have one that is fine.

Exercises for Balance Training

Standing on one feet

This is the basic exercise and a good starting point. Stand on both feet and then raise one of your legs up, knees facing forward. You then stand in that position for 30 seconds and then switch. This is a great exercise for beginners. To help you focus on balancing, it is better you either keep your eyes closed or focus them on a stationary object so you don’t tilt one way or the other.


A great core exercise, plank does wonder for your abs, shoulders, and overall core. Get into a position as you were going to do a push-up. Rather than your palms holding you up, place your elbow down on the floor with your forearm and palms touching the floor. Keep your back as straight as possible and look forward. Hold yourself in the position for a minimum of 20 seconds. If you can hold yourself for a longer period of time, you can.

There are different variations to planks, you can do it with one leg up also.

One legged squat

Similar to a normal squat but you have one leg out and stand on one while doing the squat. This may take some practice but is quite effective for strength and balance.

When it comes to balance training, you should start small. Work yourself up and keep changing your routine so you don’t get bored while you keep challenging yourself.

Best Online Business Ideas for Women

Women are more respected now in the world of business. Gone are the days when women are simply expected to stay at home and take care of the house and the family. There are a lot of women now who balance their careers and their personal life. It is not easy but women still do it.

There are some who find it easier to have their own business instead of working in the office. By having a business, they can stay at home and manage their business while they are at home. They have better control of their time and they can balance their priorities better. These are some of the most common reasons why people decide to put up their own business:

  • They have an understanding about the business industry and they would like to use their knowledge.
  • They want to have more flexibility.
  • They want to do something that can possibly become fruitful in the long run.

Best Online Business Ideas for Women

There are a lot of online business ideas that are specifically meant for women but these ideas are sometimes hard to put into life. If you are a woman and you are searching for a great business idea, you can simply look at Bengu. You will find some unique ideas that you are passionate about. The more that you like the idea, the more that you are going to work hard in order to make your business successful.

  1. Blogging

This is one business idea that is done by both men and women. Bloggers can talk about things that they like. Being a woman, you may be interested in beauty and makeup. You can try out various products and talk about how effective those products are when you used them. If people would notice your blog, you can start getting more traffic to your site and after some time, fans will start to come around. The more fans you have, the more that brands will notice you and will give you sponsorships and other things that will make blogging a lucrative business venture for you.

  1. Boutique Store

Expect that a lot of women are interested in clothes and anything that is related to fashion because people generally want to look good. You may start your own boutique wherein you can sell your own creations. Your unique designs may be inspired by other trends but remember to keep things interesting for your clients.

  1. Craft Making

Showing your creative side is possible by having a craft making business. If you have always loved creating scrapbooks for your loved ones but you had trouble trying to find the items that can make the scrapbook worthwhile then this is exactly what you need to offer to the public. You can scout for the best items that will be used for scrapbook making and sell them to your intended market. Business may seem slow in the beginning but they will start to pick up over time.

Aside from the ideas that are mentioned above, there are still a lot of business ideas that women can take up. Just remember to find something that you genuinely like and try to formulate ideas from there.

Ways Running Can Transform Our Mind and Body

There are many ways that we can transform our bodies and minds, and some of those are through exercise and diet. This way, we get to keep ourselves strong and healthy, and it also makes our bodies resistant to diseases. In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways that running can transform our mind and body. Running is an activity that is already practiced by many people, and it is common to find people running around parks in the mornings, afternoons and weekends. Check out those different ways below:

It’s good for the joints

Running is known to reduce the development of osteoarthritis, according to scientific research. It also improves the cartilage since it lubricates the joints. With expert training, you can also reduce soft tissue problems that arise due to poor training techniques.

It’s an effective exercise for fat loss

Running is one of the best forms of aerobics, and it can be started slowly before one pushes to higher intensities. This is one of the best ways to cut down on fat. It would however, have to be accompanied by a healthy eating diet.

Ways Running Can Transform Our Mind and Body

It’s protective against muscle and bone loss

Running also helps to preserve muscle mass and improve bone density.

It’s good for your heart

According to research by the New England Journal of Medicine on women runners, running created, “Substantial increase in HDL [good] cholesterol.” It also reduces blood pressure in the situations of low responsiveness to drug treatment.

Running helps you age better

Conditions like type 2 diabetes are caused due to sensitivity of insulin resistance. Running pushes the sensitivity of insulin resistance, reducing the chances of the condition. It also reduces the chances of disability as people age. One way that it improves the health of the aged is that it discourages smoking and reduces stress.

It’s social

People that run are more likely to get into completion as compared to other sports. This means interacting with other people including family and friends. This in turn, builds up the social lives of the runners, which is good for their health and soul.

Top 6 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet in 2017

Having checked out the ways that running can transform our bodies and mind, we are now going to look at some of the best running shoes for flat feet. Most people go to buy shoes without taking into consideration if they suit their feet, and, and this guide is geared at making it easier for you to find the perfect running shoes.

Nike Men’s Lunarglide 6 Running Shoe

This is a deceptively technical runner that hugs your upper foot seamlessly with a mixture of lightweight mesh and a foam-based cage.


  • Mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 3.2″ from arch
  • Lunarlon panels
  • Designed with runners, trainers, and stylish average Joe’s in mind

ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano Running Shoe

This shoe comes with unparalleled support and stability. Coming with a new FluidFit Upper, FluidRide midsole, and a Dynamic Duomax Support System, this is a light shoe that is also good looking and comfortable. It is designed with stability, support, and expansive GEL Cushioning material for a more neutral step.


  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5″
  • Running shoe featuring mesh and FluidFit multi-directional upper with FluidRide bounce back cushioning
  • Impact Guidance System
  • Gait-enhancing Guidance Trusstic System

ASICS Men’s GT-1000 3 Running Shoe

This running shoe is designed with Impact Guidance System (I.G.S), the bouncy SpEVA Midsole reengineered for improved protection and cushioning. the DuoMax support system and guidance trusstic support mild to moderate overpronators.


  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 2.7″ from arch
  • Mesh panels on the upper increase breathability and support across the forefoot, while cutting down on irritation and blistering caused by traditional overlays, keeping feet cool and comfortable so you can run longer with greater comfort
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning system
  • SpEVA full-length midsole

Tesla Men’s Trail Running

These shoes are relative newcomers to the market, targeting the barefoot running craze that is all over nowadays. They offer support for people with flat feet, and are comfortable, lightweight and long lasting.


  • Intuitive zero drop barefoot design
  • Arched foot bed area
  • Breathable fabric
  • Snug and comfortable material

ASICS Women’s GEL-Lyte33 Running Shoe

This running shoe comes with F.A.S.T. technology designed to increase speed.  It is a lightweight shoe that comes with FluidAxis technology to enhance the natural movement of the feet. The GEL cushioning buffs any shock, with the twin density midsole made of SpEVA to cushion feet while on the move. a vertical flex groove improves the efficiency of the stride whenever the foot hits down.


  • Manmade
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Rearfoot GEL cushioning system
  • Responsive SpEVA foam midsole
  • Guidance Live vertical flex grooves
  • A.S.T. Drop racing flat-inspired geometry

Reebok Men’s ZQuick 2.0

This imported shoe comes with Nanoweb, which secures the mid-foot, giving the runner a more responsive feel. It comes with a removable Ortholite sockliner, while the outsole is made of Z-Series foam and high-abrasion rubber for the ultimate experience. The outsole bends naturally due to the Metasplit Flex Grooves.


  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Running shoe in no-sew mesh featuring lightweight EVA foam midsole and a segmented CRTek high-abrasion rubber outsole for flexibility
  • Padded tongue with Reebok logo


Keeping healthy through running is important, but most important of all is the fact that you should wear the right shoe. If you happen to be a flat foot person, male or female, choose the shoe that you feel will work best for you from the options above.

How to Get Rid of Facial Hair

How to Get Rid of Facial Hair

As a woman, you do not want to have facial hair because it will make you look more masculine. There are even some women who would undergo some treatments just to get rid of the hair on their face but for average folks who do not have a lot of money to spare, how can facial hair be removed effectively.

Get Rid of Facial Hair

There are times when you would get facial hair on your chin and even on your upper lip. It can be hard to get rid of these pieces of hair especially since the hair will grow back over time. Sometimes, you would remove one piece of hair from your chin only to realize that you have new hair on your upper lip.

There are some common ways to get rid of your facial hair such as the following:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Plucking

If you are sick and tired of doing these things especially if you have to do it often, there are natural things that you can do in order to get rid of your facial hair:

Egg Whites

The best thing about egg whites is that they are full of protein. You can expect that your skin will be full of nutrients. The more nutrients that your skin has, the more collagen your skin will produce. You can expect that your skin will look fresh. This is best for young-looking skin. At the same time, you can remove your facial hair effectively. Remember that you need to rip off the mask once it dries on your skin.

Potato Juice

Do you know that this is one option that you can do in order to get rid of your facial hair? To get the potato juice, you need to grate the potato juice or put it in the food processor. You may want to add lentils to your potato juice in order to tighten your skin and loosen the hair follicles. To remove the dried potato juice and lentils from your face just rub it off. It will remove the hair in the process.


Do you know that onions are very effective in removing your facial hair? You will know that you have left it too long on your face if the mask starts to sting. This should be a painless way of removing your unwanted facial hair. When removing the mask, use warm water. This will make hair removal more effective than ever. You may need to do this about 2 – 3 times every week. It will take about a month before all of the unwanted hair will be removed.

If in case the home remedies do not work for you, then you can join www.hairfreeclub.com in order to access the latest articles about the best methods for hair removal. It will give you a clearer idea about the things that you can do. You know that you do not need to spend time anymore to research because they will provide you with all of the details that you need.

The 6 Best Women’s Sports to Consider for Improved Fitness

Sports are not just for young school girls and sports stars.  Anyone can enjoy sports at any age. There are a lot of different sports out there and all of these sports have some pretty fantastic health benefits for your body.  If you want to start changing the way you do things, react to the world and especially the way your body look then you can definitely consider joining up a local sports team in your area.  Here are the top sports for women that are bound to improve your fitness level and body.

The 6 Best Women’s Sports to Consider for Improved Fitness


Softball is also called ladies baseball and is by far one of the best sports to consider if you want to improve your fitness level a bit, get out of the house more often and just have some good clean fun with friends.  Softball is terrific for boosting your social and leadership skills and has some pretty fantastic health benefits such as weight balance, calorie burning, flexibility improvement and more for your body.  The sport is relatively easy to play and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get started.  You can check out http://www.softballbatsunlimited.com to have an ok at some of the best softball bats on the market and to learn a bit more about this fantastic sport.


Kickboxing isn’t usually a sport that is considered for women but it is pretty great for women.  You can use kickboxing to learn to defend yourself – important for all women – and you can use this sport to tone your body, lose weight and build gorgeous muscles.  Kickboxing can be pursued as a general gym activity or you can compete in championships if you aren’t afraid to take a hit.


Running is one of the best sports to consider simply because it is so common.  There are plenty of running championships all over the world in all states and towns where you can compete, have some fun and test your limits.  If you are not into competing then you can also use running to just reduce stress, balance your weight and get out of the house for a bit of fresh air.


Is there a golf course nearby?  Great then it is time to start taking up golf.  Golf is great exercise as long as you don’t use a golf cart and swing practice is absolutely fantastic for toning your arms and back so you can look extra good in those summer dresses and strapped tops.


Want great looking legs?  Then tennis is a must.  You can enjoy this sport all on your own or with a friend.  Tennis is terrific for burning calories, toning your body and for building great looking leg muscles so you can shine in those tights and short dresses.


Cycling is also one of the most popular sports there is.  You are bound to find a cycling competition in your location no matter where you live.  Lots of women love to cycle for fitness and for weight loss.

How Can A Mother Exhort Her Child To Stay Fit?

Various parents do not find it mattering much if their kid feels tedious and stays away from all the physical activities in his/her school. The reason can be their child’s good performance in academics, and they do not think it necessary to prompt him to take part in other activities.

However, the fact not to forget here is, fitness makes the foundation firm upon which the later life of a child will rest. Teens are more likely to involve in the doings that take them away from their life’s goals, but sports can make them stay busy in practices and tournaments.

How Can A Mother Exhort Her Child To Stay Fit?

Therefore, as a mother, you must make your child aware of the significance of fitness. There are chances that the infant smells out all this as a big yawn, but you can make it fun for them. Try these points on for size:

  • Lead By Example:

Children are more likely to go after what their parents do. Practice what you would like them to learn rather than giving lessons. Be bodily active yourself. Practice simple exercises at home and let your kid be part of it with you. Go for a walk to his/her favorite park. Ride bicycles instead of cars when going to the market. Make the kid buddy up with the plants as gardening is one of the best ways to stay well both mentally and physically. Kids adore it when their parents accompany them in tasks.

  • Turn The Family Outing Into Some Physical Activity:

You won’t come across a kid who doesn’t like outings. Take advantage of it and add some physical tasks in it. Playing games is always fun whether you go for a picnic or on a camping trip. Give a shot to the disc golf if you have not already. The number of disc golf players have gone in thousands, the reason being the tremendous health benefits it provides. The only equipment you need for this game is disc golf discs, and they should be of high quality for making it on courses.

This game is quite similar to golf. You are required to land the disc in the basket in the fewest possible shots. These discs come with different flight characteristic, and you need to look for the type that is perfect for your level of play. Get the guidance before buying disc golf discs on discgolfx.com. Visit this site and get to know about the various best golf discs and their features along with preceding customer’s reviews.

  • Set Time For Desk-Bound Activities:

Staying glued to the chairs with eyes glaring at technological gadgets can ruin kids mentally as well as physically. It reduces intelligibility along with creating chaos to eyes weakening eyesight and creating back aches. Desk-bound activities can’t be escaped from but reducing its timings and keeping a schedule can bring less haphazard.

You should set plans for such particular activities and bound them to take care of it. After time setting all you need to have is strict watch and making a sure timetable is followed.

  • Be The Source Of Strength In Every Match:

Children look for someone to be on their side no matter the case –victory or failure. Be that someone and give them the courage to fight for the win and make them do their best. Try that they make up for everything but if they couldn’t, don’t let them belittled and give them strength to cope up with failure. Failures cannot be avoided, and this is not possible that a person continues succeeding, there comes the point where everyone has to face loss. Make them courageous enough to face anything that comes their way.

Time for Spring Cleaning? – Here’s why you should Use a Pressure Washer

Regular spring cleaning sessions is important for so many reasons but in our modern and buzzing world it can be hard for women to find the time to clean their homes properly. In a world where the woman in the house has to be everything from mother, cook, earner, nurse, therapist there just isn’t time for regular spring cleaning sessions.  This means that when you do actually have the time for cleaning the job has to be done as good as possible so you will be able to enjoy a much cleaner and better looking environment and so everyone that lives in your home can enjoy improved health.

Time for Spring Cleaning? – Here’s why you should Use a Pressure Washer

Top reasons to use a pressure washer for spring cleaning

A pressure washer is an absolute must for those rare spring cleaning sessions for all the following reasons;

Cleaner results – Pressure washers can deep wash in all of those hard to reach areas, they are much more effective in removing dirt and stains and give a much cleaner and better looking result. 

Much faster – Pressure washers makes just about any cleaning job much faster because it involves sweeping, soaping, deep washing and scrubbing in one simple movement.  

Terrific health results – Dust and dust mites can result in a lot of terrible health issues such as allergies, asthma, bronchial conditions, lung diseases and even colds and flu.  When you deep wash floors, walls and even furniture you greatly reduce the amount of dust and dust mites in your home which greatly combats all of these medical conditions. 

Bacteria and germ control – Pressure washers can be used along with cleaning agents which enable you to effectively clean areas in your home where germs and bacteria can easily hide away.  Areas like the shower, grooves between tiles and pet houses can easily be cleaned with far better germ and bacteria control results. 

Great for a mini home makeover – When you pressure wash your home walls, driveway, garage and patios all of the dust is removed from your home and paint or brick colors become much more vibrant.  Your entire home will look fresher, cleaner and more colorful. 

Multiple uses – One of the best reasons to use a pressure washer is because of the multiple uses these handy cleaning devices provide.  You can wash everything from walls, floors, garages, driveways to vehicles and much more.

Find the best pressure washer here

There are quite a few options to consider when you are shopping for a pressure washer.  You can choose between different power sources, different pressure levels and even choose your washer according to water consumption.   Only Top Reviews is a terrific site where you can check out pressure washers comparison guides.  These guides will provide you with all of the tips you need for choosing the best pressure washer for your home and you can check out all of the different pros and cons of the top pressure washers currently on the market.

With a good pressure washer women can be even more time efficient and they can create a much cleaner and healthier living environment which will greatly improve everyone in your home’s productivity.  These devices are easy to store away and ultimately handy for any cleaning job.

How to Balance Motherhood and Career

The number of women in the workforce has gone up over time, and in the United States, they make up for half of the workforce. Amongst these women, there are also mothers, both part time and full time. Being a working mother can at times bring about the feeling of guilt and stress, and in this article, we are going to try and figure out how they can balance motherhood and career.

Let Go of the Guilt

It is important for one to let go of the guilt, and the best way of doing this is to focus on how your job is benefitting the child, and not the hours that you’re spending away from the child. Think of the things that you can spend the money on, such as securing the child’s college education, or membership to a club. Focus on the priorities, and also talk about it. There are support groups and blogs that can help these mom’s cope with motherhood and career.

How to Balance Motherhood and Career

Find Quality Childcare

You need to get references to nannies, babysitters, and daycare centers, and then schedule meetings with them. It would be best to employ nannies that have a history showing their experience and adaptability. If you have older children, you might want to get a nanny that can help with their homework. Before hiring, you should set up a playdate with the nanny, lasting at least two hours, to see how she interacts with the kids. A good daycare facility should have flexible hours, a low teacher-to-student ratio, outdoor space, up-to-date licenses, and background checked employees.

Make the Mornings Easier

Mornings can be crazy if you’re not organized. Prepare for the morning the night before. You can lay out their clothes, pack their lunches and everything else that needs to be done. This will also allow you to spend a few minutes eating breakfast with the kids without rushing out of the house.

Create and Organize a Family Calendar

Come up with a family calendar that includes all the priorities, events, extra-curricular activities, birthday and many more. Using Google calendars would be a great idea since it can be easily shared and synced on smartphones.

Stay Connected During the Day

You can stay connected through things like video or voice recordings. There are recordable story books you can leave for the kids. Things like photographs so that they can see your face is also a way to connect. You can also call the child during your breaks to find out how they are doing.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

We are now going to look at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a non-profit, non-partisan policy foundation whose aim is to defend free nations against their enemies. It is one of the organizations that employs mothers that have to balance their careers and their families. This organization was founded soon after the September 11 bombing by terrorists in a bid to stem more acts of terror. According to Thomas Joscelyn, a terrorism expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Al Qaeda is growing bigger and more powerful. This could ultimately mean greater danger. FDD is looking for ways of tackling them before they strike.


as a mother, you can balance your career and your family and become successful at both. Whether you choose a career in FDD or any other industry, go for it.

How Women Can Build Body Mass to Stay Healthy

Health is a kind of wealth folks do not appreciate until they get ill. A healthy life is a life full of happiness and joy. Women’s health is discussed numerous times. Many people have different theories about what a woman should do to stay fit. While most of these theories are correct, one of the most significant reasons that are often not discussed is that women need to have a certain body mass to stay healthy. It depends on their age and height, but it is a factor that plays a significant role in their health. Body mass aids a woman to know how much she should eat and exercise to stay active.

How Women Can Build Body Mass to Stay Healthy

Try some of the ways women can build body mass to stay active:

Muscle Building Exercises

There are various activities you can try to build your body mass. First, you need to check your current body mass, and you need to know where you want to reach. There should always be a target, and you need to keep checking how close you are to it. Exceeding this goal can also be harmful so do not over do your exercises. The easiest of these is the push-ups. The push-ups can be performed at home, so you do not have to go to the gym for them. The idea is to start with only one or two in a day and then work your way to twenty.

At first, this might be difficult because your body is not used to the pressure, however, after some time, you will get used to it. There are other exercises that you can do as well. If you love to go to the gym, you can find machines which are specifically designed to increase body mass by building muscles. Give them a try.

Use Safe Steroids

When we listen to the word ‘steroids,’ people only think about harmful side effects of using them. There is no questioning the proven theory that steroids do come with side effects, but you must know that they are actually very helpful if you want to increase your body mass quickly.

For women, working out is sometimes an ordeal. With the strict family routines, they cannot take time out for exercise. They should use Anadrole, which is an effective Anadrol alternative. It assists the body to retain energy and should be taken while you are keeping a good and balanced diet, and when you know, you can drink plenty of water with it. Anadrol was the first steroid, and comes in the forms of pills and is very easy to swallow. Furthermore, you can visit massgainsource.com, a blog run by Mark Williams, to find out more details about this steroid. Mark helps make folks pick healthy foods and smart lifestyle. He has explained thoroughly about the Anadrol Steroids.

Stress Is a Muscle Killer

Research has proven that stress causes muscles to deteriorate faster. In women stress rates have been increasing for the past several years. That is because women have started working longer hours, taking up more family responsibilities and have been spending less and less time on themselves, just relaxing and taking time off.

If you want to build your body mass, you require changing all this. You have to do activities that help you release stress and give you time to work on yourself. Even if you cannot go out, just take a book and spend an hour reading it with your favorite beverage. That would relax your muscles, and hence you will not lose body mass. For women, relaxing is the most vital thing to do, and you all should take time out for it.


You are oblivious to the fact that riding bike brings tremendous benefits to your body. When talked about staying fit, women usually grumble about not having time because they are too busy to go to work, run day-to-day errands and travel every back and forth. Yes, this could be possible. However, a riding bicycle does not bring any interruption to your routine. In fact, it aids you to kill two birds with one stone. Therefore, you require just to grab hold of the handlebar whenever you hit the road and give a break to your motor vehicle.  

Is that something complicated? Obviously, it is not. You would find it even irresistible after having more knowledge of its benefits for your body: 

Fitness Advantages: 

You do not have to make a hundred a thousand miles daily on the bike to stay in shape. Using the bicycle to go for shopping, visiting a friend, commuting, or just taking a ride to the park is a perfect way of working out. It will not only boost your physical health but financial health as well. You realize it or not; you are saving fuel money.  

The benefits of cycling are almost same as walking, jogging, or dancing. It strengthens the lower parts, i.e., thighs, hips and rare end. Your arms and upper body, likewise come in shape if climbing hills are one of your routes. Cycling assists you avoid the injuries caused by running and jogging as it is gentle on your joints. Those with a muscle strain, foot problems, knee troubles, and back pain cannot usually run or jog; riding a bike is way out for them.  

Additionally, you do not have to push yourself to attend tough exercises to fight your weight gain. The bicycle is all you require. 

The Bicycle Should Be Fit To Ride: 

It is imperative that the bike you are riding be appropriate for your body. It can bring something opposite to its advantages if not correctly adjusted. Seat position and its height should be on point because too big or too small bikes can cause neck and back problem.  

You cannot go to the market and pick a bike because it is your favorite color, you should know how to choose a perfect bike. There are various types of rides in the market you have to invest in the one that can give you comfortable rides for long. Do not rely on what salesperson might tell you, do some research by yourself.  

Stay safe: 

You can expect anything when you are on the road. Taking necessary precautions is as significant as a healthy body for you. Bicycle riding is fun, but the injuries related to it can be severe enough to get you to a hospital. Help yourself for the safe rides and follow these tips: 

  • Wear a helmet: Most of the cycle-related deaths are because of the head injuries. Never forget your helmet before leaving the house.  


  • Be visible: Wearing bright colors can aid you being noticeable on roads. Prefer traveling in daylight. If night traveling is inescapable, you should put on the clothes with reflective colors that are easily available bike shops.  


  • Obey traffic rules: Follow the same traffic rules as you do when driving another vehicle. Ride in the right direction.  Keep an eye on light signals. Give signal with a hand before turning. Keep watch on other cars and cross intersection cautiously. 


  • Other tips: Wear proper shoes for riding. Do not drink alcohol before hitting the road. Hang onto the repair gear and cell phone with you for an emergency situation.