Must Haves for Taking Your Baby along To Work

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It is highly advisable to be with your baby as long as possible after birth.  Bonding is incredibly important for your child’s development and various studies have shown that a baby’s health can be affected when he or she misses her mommy or doesn’t get enough physical attention.  But it isn’t always possible for parents and especially for single moms to skip out on work for months on end.  In fact in our modern and buzzing world moms have hardly 3 months of maternity leave – if they are lucky – with babies before they have no choice but to return to work.  There is however plenty of employers that are incredibly open minded and accommodating when it comes to infants.  More women today are allowed to bring babies to work than ever before.

The right gear is however essential if you want to take your baby to work.  Without the right gear and setup there will be no way for you to get to your job and care for your baby at the same time.

Up next we are going to discuss the top must haves for taking your baby along to work;

Must Haves for Taking Your Baby along To Work

Baby monitor

A baby monitor is one of the first things you should consider when you are combining motherhood and work.  With these monitors you can constantly keep an eye on your little one as he or she is playing or napping in the back office.  Your baby can enjoy undisturbed naps and you can work comfortably while your little one sleeps.   One of the best baby monitors to consider for a work baby setup is the hello baby wireless video baby monitor.  This video monitor allows you to check in on baby, communicate with baby and listen for your baby.

Play pen

A play pen is not just a good idea but a must for taking baby to work.  You can create a cozy play area that is stuffed with toys and lined with a soft carpet so your little one won’t get injured while your work requires your immediate attention.

Feeding chair

Babies can be extremely messy while they eat.  A feeding chair will keep your little one from making a mess of the entire office and makes it much easier to feed your little one at work.  Feeding chairs are available in various designs but a basic feeding chair should be more than enough for your job setup.

Electric bouncer

There is no way you will have the time to rock your baby to sleep at work but an electric bouncer can do the rocking for you.  These bouncers are terrific for soothing a baby to sleep and they also improve digestion and are great for burping babies.

Sensory toys

Babies love to explore but they can get bored fast.  Sensory toys and especially sensory boards can be a good way to keep your little one busy and is a wonderful way to teach them to explore and learn about the world.

Best Online Business Ideas for Women

Women are more respected now in the world of business. Gone are the days when women are simply expected to stay at home and take care of the house and the family. There are a lot of women now who balance their careers and their personal life. It is not easy but women still do it.

There are some who find it easier to have their own business instead of working in the office. By having a business, they can stay at home and manage their business while they are at home. They have better control of their time and they can balance their priorities better. These are some of the most common reasons why people decide to put up their own business:

  • They have an understanding about the business industry and they would like to use their knowledge.
  • They want to have more flexibility.
  • They want to do something that can possibly become fruitful in the long run.

Best Online Business Ideas for Women

There are a lot of online business ideas that are specifically meant for women but these ideas are sometimes hard to put into life. If you are a woman and you are searching for a great business idea, you can simply look at Bengu. You will find some unique ideas that you are passionate about. The more that you like the idea, the more that you are going to work hard in order to make your business successful.

  1. Blogging

This is one business idea that is done by both men and women. Bloggers can talk about things that they like. Being a woman, you may be interested in beauty and makeup. You can try out various products and talk about how effective those products are when you used them. If people would notice your blog, you can start getting more traffic to your site and after some time, fans will start to come around. The more fans you have, the more that brands will notice you and will give you sponsorships and other things that will make blogging a lucrative business venture for you.

  1. Boutique Store

Expect that a lot of women are interested in clothes and anything that is related to fashion because people generally want to look good. You may start your own boutique wherein you can sell your own creations. Your unique designs may be inspired by other trends but remember to keep things interesting for your clients.

  1. Craft Making

Showing your creative side is possible by having a craft making business. If you have always loved creating scrapbooks for your loved ones but you had trouble trying to find the items that can make the scrapbook worthwhile then this is exactly what you need to offer to the public. You can scout for the best items that will be used for scrapbook making and sell them to your intended market. Business may seem slow in the beginning but they will start to pick up over time.

Aside from the ideas that are mentioned above, there are still a lot of business ideas that women can take up. Just remember to find something that you genuinely like and try to formulate ideas from there.


You are oblivious to the fact that riding bike brings tremendous benefits to your body. When talked about staying fit, women usually grumble about not having time because they are too busy to go to work, run day-to-day errands and travel every back and forth. Yes, this could be possible. However, a riding bicycle does not bring any interruption to your routine. In fact, it aids you to kill two birds with one stone. Therefore, you require just to grab hold of the handlebar whenever you hit the road and give a break to your motor vehicle.  

Is that something complicated? Obviously, it is not. You would find it even irresistible after having more knowledge of its benefits for your body: 

Fitness Advantages: 

You do not have to make a hundred a thousand miles daily on the bike to stay in shape. Using the bicycle to go for shopping, visiting a friend, commuting, or just taking a ride to the park is a perfect way of working out. It will not only boost your physical health but financial health as well. You realize it or not; you are saving fuel money.  

The benefits of cycling are almost same as walking, jogging, or dancing. It strengthens the lower parts, i.e., thighs, hips and rare end. Your arms and upper body, likewise come in shape if climbing hills are one of your routes. Cycling assists you avoid the injuries caused by running and jogging as it is gentle on your joints. Those with a muscle strain, foot problems, knee troubles, and back pain cannot usually run or jog; riding a bike is way out for them.  

Additionally, you do not have to push yourself to attend tough exercises to fight your weight gain. The bicycle is all you require. 

The Bicycle Should Be Fit To Ride: 

It is imperative that the bike you are riding be appropriate for your body. It can bring something opposite to its advantages if not correctly adjusted. Seat position and its height should be on point because too big or too small bikes can cause neck and back problem.  

You cannot go to the market and pick a bike because it is your favorite color, you should know how to choose a perfect bike. There are various types of rides in the market you have to invest in the one that can give you comfortable rides for long. Do not rely on what salesperson might tell you, do some research by yourself.  

Stay safe: 

You can expect anything when you are on the road. Taking necessary precautions is as significant as a healthy body for you. Bicycle riding is fun, but the injuries related to it can be severe enough to get you to a hospital. Help yourself for the safe rides and follow these tips: 

  • Wear a helmet: Most of the cycle-related deaths are because of the head injuries. Never forget your helmet before leaving the house.  


  • Be visible: Wearing bright colors can aid you being noticeable on roads. Prefer traveling in daylight. If night traveling is inescapable, you should put on the clothes with reflective colors that are easily available bike shops.  


  • Obey traffic rules: Follow the same traffic rules as you do when driving another vehicle. Ride in the right direction.  Keep an eye on light signals. Give signal with a hand before turning. Keep watch on other cars and cross intersection cautiously. 


  • Other tips: Wear proper shoes for riding. Do not drink alcohol before hitting the road. Hang onto the repair gear and cell phone with you for an emergency situation. 


4 Steps to Building Your New Home Photography Studio

Whether you want to take better pictures for your Etsy store, improve on your still photography, or just want some cool shots of your kitty, a home photography studio is definitely the way to go. Building a photography studio in your home seems like it would be difficult, but it’s really not; you probably already have much of what you need!

Assuming you already have a camera, here are 5 steps you can take to start building your new home photography studio today!

4 Steps to Building Your New Home Photography Studio

Find a Room With a Window

Congratulations, you’ve found your photography studio!

You really only need a small corner of the room to actually take pictures, but you’ll need room for your gear and a place to display your work so use the whole space for your studio if you can.

If you don’t have the space to commit the entire room to your photography, that’s okay- what’s really important is the window. Use the window as your main light source, and make sure it is coming into your studio space from the side. Hang up some white paper or any background of your choice at a 90° angle from the window and you are in business!

Get a Tripod

When we are just starting out with photography, the first thing we usually do is get a cool new camera. And of course as with any other cool new toy, we want to play with it! We want to hold it in our hands and point-and-shoot everything we see!

This is great for when you are out and about snapping pics on the fly, but now you are building a home studio where much of what you photograph will be still. You’re not trying to “catch” the perfect picture, but rather are creating it. A tripod will help you to take full advantage of the light from the window by allowing you to take longer exposures, and will also free your hands up to do other stuff.

Low-end tripods are very inexpensive, and for right now that’s all you need to start your home photography studio.

Get a Flash

“Wait- I thought the window was the main light source!”

It is, but that doesn’t mean having a flash isn’t just as important. Your window light will indeed be your main source for lighting your subject, however the sun moves throughout the day and your subject will cast different shadows accordingly. Find a good flash with a swiveling head, and move it to fill in any shadows cast by the window light. You may have to get creative and bounce it off ceilings or walls to get the look you want.

Make a Bounce Card

That’s right, I said “make”! Bounce cards are incredibly easy to make for how wildly useful they are.

What is a bounce card? Simply put, a bounce card is another tool photographers use to reduce shadows and light their subject they way they want to.

Find a piece of white mat board, or even attach a piece of white copy paper to any piece of cardboard. Attach some L-brackets from the hardware store so it stands on its own. Make another one, and wrap it in aluminum foil.

That’s it! You’ve now created one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Place your bounce card next to your subject, just outside the frame. Move it until the light bounces off of it, lightening the shadow. Use the aluminum one if you need it to be even brighter.

You’re Ready to Start Taking Pictures!

Presto! You now have a fully-functioning photography studio and are ready to snap some of the best pictures you’ve ever taken, and you’ll be hooked! Study photography online to continue building your confidence, get more photography gear as you learn to use it, and- most importantly- take as many pictures as you can!

Things every woman needs in her home before she is 30

In our twenties we are lucky to have a sofa and a bed in our apartment. Starting out your life in a studio apartment small enough to fit two people or sharing a flat with a friend is what the twenties represents. In our 30’s however it is time to get serious about our homes and think of it as our sanctuary. With less nights spent on partying you want to love your home and enjoy staying in on a Friday night. Here are a few things every woman should have in her home before she turns 30.

A cake stand so that you can display your homemade treats. This is not farfetched or silly. If you have friends over for tea you want to display the treats you have prepared on a proper stand. It looks cute and elegant. You might also want to get a good set of wineglasses because plastic cups just won’t cut it anymore. Entertain friends by pouring them a glass of wine in an actual glass with a stem.

Things every woman needs in her home before she is 30

A beautiful rug is another requirement to make any home stylish and cozy. It is just warm and inviting. Invest in a good rug because it can last a long time if you take good care of it. To compliment your rug you might want to take a look at for a set of matching blinds. Give mom her old curtains back and spend the money on a set of blinds that you choose. Find a pattern and style that works for you and have it installed.

A dedicated workspace will make work at home easier so make sure you invest in a good desk and chair for work purposes. Decorate your office with motivational posters and trinkets that you like. This will make your work area pleasant and enjoyable. If you are looking for décor ideas try and find some great items at a flea market. Click here to take a look at some of the best flea market finds.

Find a piece of art that inspires you which doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be anything including a sculpture or painting. It will be something that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. The most important thing is that you love it from the first time you see it. Also surround yourself with plants that you will actually take care of now that you are all grown up.

A comfortable mattress is just as important when buying things for your home. Get rid of the old bed and find a mattress that has a warranty. With this one you might want to splurge a little bit as a good night’s sleep is incredibly important. Click here for tips on buying a mattress. Lastly perk things up with photographs of your loved ones. You might be staying alone but your loved ones can always be with you in the form of precious photographs.

Be a Free Spirited Woman by Becoming a Photographer

Your job affects much more about your life than you might think.  If you have a stressful job, you can easily become ill because stress affects your immune system.  You can also easily start to suffer from anxiety disorders.  Boring and dull jobs like office jobs also greatly contributes to depression because you are stuck in the same place, doing the same thing each and every day with little rewards.  If you have a more exciting job, you as a person become more exiting.  You learn more, see more, do more and experience more which means you have a lot more to talk about and the people you surround yourself with develops your social skills and your personality so you will become a better, happier and more spirited person.  If you want to be happier in life then you need to consider a more flexible and adventurous job like photography.

Be a Free Spirited Woman by Becoming a Photographer

Why study photography?

Photography is extremely rewarding.  When you enjoy photography you meet new people each and every day and every successful photo-shoot is a mini boost in your confidentiality.  Photography is a respected job that earns a great income and you can easily relocate to anywhere in the world.  You can enjoy quiet days in studio or wild adventurous days while photographing wildlife.  This is definitely the top job for women that want to be freed spirited and adventurous.

Study from CreativeLive

With all the resources that are available online, you don’t have to enroll at a major college to become a photographer.  CreativeLive is a video tutorial site that has more than 10 000 000 students and more than 1500 curated video classes that you can enjoy.  Their photography section includes tutorials that deal with basics of photography to intermediate details of photography. You can learn to do any photography art such as;

Landscape photography – Find out everything you need to know about landscape photography.  You can also find information on the best outdoors photography gear like the best camera backpacks, stands and lenses.  The landscape photography section also has some great video tutorials on how to take wonderful landscape photos.

Fundamentals of photography – Learn the basics of photography so you can get started in your own photo business.

Photoshop – You can even learn to edit your own digital photos so people will look better.

Portrait – Learn how to get people to pose and find out what the best tips and tricks are for taking terrific portrait shots.

Lighting – Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality and appeal of your photos.  If you have better lighting your photos will look fantastic.

WeddingWedding photos are a great way to earn a good salary and it is the quickest way to get a great looking profile since everyone is all dressed up for the occasion.

Business and marketing – Learn how to run your own photography business and how to market your skills so you can be successful.

Commercial – Learn to take business photos for websites and company profiles.

Dos and Don’ts of Voice-Over Acting

What to do or what not to do, for us voice craftsmen, that is the issue each time we venture into a studio!

As voiceover ability, you will be behind a mouthpiece being told amid a recording. In any case, you may say, that you can be just all alone in your home studio, without input. Indeed, all things considered as well, you additionally require a few rules. To get you a heads begin we have given a rundown of customs in the present practices of voiceovers! So whenever you are en route to another voice over occupation, or simply recording that script in your own particular corner, don’t sweat it! You’ll be set up with these voice acting tips. This will vastly improve your Spanish voice over talents.

Dos and Don’ts of Voice-Over Acting

We should separate it:


  • Drink a great deal of water to keep your mouth soggy.
  • Keep those sinuses clear! Unless you look for therapeutic consideration, nose drops as a rule do the trap.
  • Improve relaxing.
  • Do some straightforward voice activities to fortify your articulation and explanation
  • Present tongue twisters!

Female voice ability Andrea Greene talked with advertising official/long time proficient voice ability, Camilla Nelson.

Greene: So, when recording in a studio what ought to be remembered?

Nelson: Versatility! Flexibility gives the business trust in you, and demonstrates the business that you have gone more profound to find the universe of voiceover ability. So be adaptable to adjust to your customer’s needs. So jump somewhat out of the case!

Greene: So as far as advertising, what do you prescribe is the most ideal approach to get the consideration of bosses?

Nelson: I exceptionally propose making a site. Today the vast majority utilize the web as their essential decision of exploration. So quit hanging flyers on phone posts and begin putting a tad bit of time in making an eye getting site… or even a web journal! And afterward obviously be a dynamic individual from online networking destinations.

Greene: Where is the best place to record?

Nelson: There is no “best place” as everybody is agreeable in various circumstances, however for me I suggest putting resources into your own recording studio. Having your own studio makes the occupation less demanding for you and your representatives less things to work with!


  • Dee Bradley Baker, a Los Angeles based voice ability composed a web journal around 6 normal missteps newcomers in the voice acting industry make.
  • Don’t simply read, act! Perused as if you are conversing with somebody or a group of people of individuals. Include feelings, crescendos and likenesses in sound!
  • Keep away from nose and tongue gems. A slight movement will bring about the assistant to sound or damage your discourse and it will be hard for the manager to expel these commotions from the sound records.
  • Control far from utilizing advanced mobile phones or electronic gadgets. This will make foundation commotion giving the editors trouble.
  • Hush your telephones! Your companions will need to hold up, in light of the fact that any diversion will defer the work, giving the businesses a terrible impression.
  • Furthermore, never at any point bring your phone into the recording corner since its makes impedance with the sound.
  • Don’t boisterously rearrange your papers around! Deliberately lie them out before you before you start to maintain a strategic distance from abundance development.
  • Regarding those standards and with the right voice pitch you can do ponders. Yes, your voice advantageously utilized has the ability to make trustworthy any situation you can envision.