What Compression Wear Can Do for a Woman’s Workout

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Compression wear has been gaining notoriety throughout the fitness community. There are studies that suggest the performance clothing can help lessen muscle fatigue, speed recovery, and increase body awareness. And most compression garments offer a high level of mobility, ensuring that the restrictions of the material will not negatively impact your workout.

Additionally, many of these garments are made of high-tech moisture-wicking fabrics that can help you stay drier even during the most intense sweat sessions. In some cases, you can even find fabrics that offer SPF protection, helping to keep your skin safe from the sun if you take your exercise routine outdoors.

If you are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, here are some compression pieces that can help take your performance to the next level.

What Compression Wear Can Do for a Woman’s Workout

Compression Socks

The majority of workouts require significant time on your feet. Whether you prefer running, racket-based sports, or games like basketball and volleyball, compression socks can help prevent swelling in your lower legs and increase circulation. This can help lessen symptoms of fatigue which may allow you to exercise for longer.

For those with higher arches, compression socks can provide more structural support than may be available through regular options. This can be especially helpful for those who find the general arch support available in most athletic shoes to be insufficient, or just prefer the feel of a snugly held arch.

Compression Pants

Runners and cyclists often favor compression pants for their skin tight fit along with the other benefits associated with compression wear. This can help reduce friction while moving at speed and avoids the discomfort that can occur when looser clothing shifts and bunches.

Those with knee injuries may get the associated benefit of increased stability in previously injured joints. Often, elastic knee braces work by providing additional pressure around the joint. This can help limit slipping and shifts of the knee cap if the tendons can’t provide enough support alone. Additionally, the pressure can help increase body awareness, which may help you maintain better form.

Compression Shirts

When most people think of compression shirts, they likely visualize those designed for men. However, compression shirts can also help women maintain better posture. It increases awareness of the position of the shoulders and back, helping you to keep proper form throughout your exercise activities.

For example, women who enjoy spinning may be less likely to hunch at the shoulders or curve at the spine. It can also help keep your back straight during weight bearing exercises like squats. The increased pressure makes it easier to feel small shifts in your form which can increase your mindfulness regarding how you execute each move.

But compression shirts also carry an extra benefit for women who enjoy working out. Not only will these tops make you more aware of the alignment of your spine and the position of your shoulders, but they can also provide additional support across the chest for those who have trouble finding suitably strong sports bras. Compression wear is designed to fit tight and pulls everything in towards the body, which is exactly what a woman needs when she participates in activities that come with a level of bounce. This includes traditional running, obstacle course racing, various forms of aerobics, and more.

Clearing Up 7 Myths about Compression Wear

Ever since compression wear surfaced there have been a lot of myths circulating around regarding them. Today we are going to debunk seven of those myths for you! Also while we’re at it; once you have cleared up your mind of all these ridiculous myths head over to http://www.primecompression.com/ to learn more about the different types and all the advantages linked to them.


A considerable measure of master competitors are utilizing compression, yet regardless of the fact that you are a tenderfoot, compression will present to you the same advantages as ace competitors. Amid the exertion, constraining vibrations, compression will decrease muscle harm, delay muscle weakness, enhance delayed exhibitions and avert postponed muscle soreness). In addition, wearing compression amid recuperation will build the oxygen supply, killing poisons speedier and avoiding swelling). Everybody, either ace competitors or contenders needs the absolute best to achieve the top.

Clearing Up 7 Myths about Compression Wear


Without restorative contraindications, everybody can utilize compression.


All Compressport items are made with light and breathable filaments for better thermoregulation. We’ve achieved this most extreme potential with the progressive and licensed fiber utilized as a part of the fresh out of the plastic new PRO R2 SWISS, which is, on account of its bio-fired precious stones, ready to reflect inconclusively these far off infrared signs. This “mirror impact” actuates the microcirculation on the surface of the skin (+92%) and prompts an optional advantage : Better thermoregulation (+51%*).

* Independent results measured by the KosmoSCIENCE Institute lab.


Two late meta-analysis* (taking into account 40 logical studies on compression) identified with game compression have demonstrated that utilizing compression pieces of clothing instigates competitors’ better exhibitions and recuperation whatever the game honed… If some minor concentrates really don’t relate any constructive outcomes, it appears that the utilization of inadmissible kind of compression (excessively solid or powerless compression, for instance) risk these conclusions.


Expanding the venous return, lessening the vibrations (- 33%), decreasing the danger of wounds (- 29%), improving the recuperation and the muscle oxygenation (+15-20%), compression articles of clothing can be utilized for each orders. From Trail Running, to Triathlon, through Cycling or Swimming, from Football to Rugby or Basketball, each sportsman needs pieces of clothing he can trust to help him build its exhibitions and along these lines to ensure him.


Some time recently, amid or after the exertion, your body needs distinctive sorts of jolts. Sentiment delicacy some time recently, diminishing vibrations and along these lines postponing weakness and danger of wounds amid, recuperate quicker after: every item, however adaptable, is intended to suit more either need, this with a specific end goal to achieve maximal productivity.


A logical study did on more than 1200 sportsmen and displayed to the last International Olympic Committee (Monaco 2014)* has demonstrated a critical diminishment in danger of wounds (29%) if the sportsman dependably and thoroughly utilize compression amid its trainings and rivalries.