Photography is For Everyone

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Photography is a never-ending adventure for those that dare to try it. It doesn’t matter whether one is taking selfies or taking wedding shoots. It is therefore very important for one to know their camera well, and how to use it to their advantage. These days, there are many ways through one can learn about photography, one of the most useful being through watching YouTube videos by professionals. We are going to try and go through what you would go through in the greatest online photography courses.

The top companies offering the best online photography classes are as shown below:

  • CreativeLive (classes are free while broadcasted live, but pay to own)
  • Lynda (10-day free trial, lots of skills to choose from)
  • Udemy (has a wider variety of instructors)
  • New York Institute of Photography (fewer classes, but quality instructors)

We know that it can be a little daunting actually deciding what will work for you, and that is we have done the hard work for you to get you just what you need.

Photography is For Everyone

Beginner Photographers: Take These 2 Courses

Fundamentals of Photography Course with John Greengo

If you’re looking for someone that can explain the technical elements of photography, john Greengo is the master. He will give you all the information you need like what shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are, and how they affect your pictures. This course covers everything apart from the realm of post-processing, special techniques, understanding light, etc. To get all of that, the Photography Beginner’s Bundle gets you all the courses to get you started, at a discounted price.

Learn How Your Specific Camera Works

This will teach you all that you need to know about your camera such as the camera model’s buttons, menus, and features, enabling you to take better photos. It also covers issues like out of focus images, blurry subjects, over-exposed sky, etc. All cameras are different in terms of knobs, dials and buttons and they can get pretty confusing despite the fact that all the information is in the manuals. CreativeLive has developed a large catalog of short, digestible video courses that are specific to most camera models. They call them “Camera Fast Starts,” and they are all taught in a very straightforward, comprehendible way.

Photography Masterclass

John Greengo can be a bit overly technical for some people, and not everyone learns that way. Not to worry, because there is a totally different approach to teaching in the Photography Masterclass.

The best thing about this course is that you don’t need a fancy camera to be able to create incredible images. All you really need are the fundamentals of understanding lighting, composition, and your subject.

The Learn and Master Photography System

The instructor of the Learn and Master Photography course, Vince Wallace, does an excellent job at making these technical concepts very relatable and approachable. His teaching style is differs from John Greengo’s.

This course covers learning and mastering the core fundamentals of photography that are essential to taking great photos. If you’re not a beginner but are ready to improve, below are some intermediate-to-advanced online photography classes that show you how to master specific skillsets:

The Best Landscape Photography Courses on CreativeLive

CreativeLive comes with plenty of really great landscape and outdoor photography classes. This targets at someone that is just starting out in landscape photography and wants to improve.

Landscape Photography: Start to Finish with Matt Kloskowski

This will teach you how to do landscape photography really well. It covers all the best pro tips to be able to make a landscape photo that truly stands out.

The Outdoor Photography Experience with Chris Burkard

This course is full of inspiration, valuable tips, and advice for making it as a pro.

Landscape Photography with Marc Muench

In this training, Marc explains creative composition, framing, and lighting techniques for landscapes, and they will change the way that you shoot.

Be a Free Spirited Woman by Becoming a Photographer

Your job affects much more about your life than you might think.  If you have a stressful job, you can easily become ill because stress affects your immune system.  You can also easily start to suffer from anxiety disorders.  Boring and dull jobs like office jobs also greatly contributes to depression because you are stuck in the same place, doing the same thing each and every day with little rewards.  If you have a more exciting job, you as a person become more exiting.  You learn more, see more, do more and experience more which means you have a lot more to talk about and the people you surround yourself with develops your social skills and your personality so you will become a better, happier and more spirited person.  If you want to be happier in life then you need to consider a more flexible and adventurous job like photography.

Be a Free Spirited Woman by Becoming a Photographer

Why study photography?

Photography is extremely rewarding.  When you enjoy photography you meet new people each and every day and every successful photo-shoot is a mini boost in your confidentiality.  Photography is a respected job that earns a great income and you can easily relocate to anywhere in the world.  You can enjoy quiet days in studio or wild adventurous days while photographing wildlife.  This is definitely the top job for women that want to be freed spirited and adventurous.

Study from CreativeLive

With all the resources that are available online, you don’t have to enroll at a major college to become a photographer.  CreativeLive is a video tutorial site that has more than 10 000 000 students and more than 1500 curated video classes that you can enjoy.  Their photography section includes tutorials that deal with basics of photography to intermediate details of photography. You can learn to do any photography art such as;

Landscape photography – Find out everything you need to know about landscape photography.  You can also find information on the best outdoors photography gear like the best camera backpacks, stands and lenses.  The landscape photography section also has some great video tutorials on how to take wonderful landscape photos.

Fundamentals of photography – Learn the basics of photography so you can get started in your own photo business.

Photoshop – You can even learn to edit your own digital photos so people will look better.

Portrait – Learn how to get people to pose and find out what the best tips and tricks are for taking terrific portrait shots.

Lighting – Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality and appeal of your photos.  If you have better lighting your photos will look fantastic.

WeddingWedding photos are a great way to earn a good salary and it is the quickest way to get a great looking profile since everyone is all dressed up for the occasion.

Business and marketing – Learn how to run your own photography business and how to market your skills so you can be successful.

Commercial – Learn to take business photos for websites and company profiles.