How to Plan and Decorate Your Home Top Ideas for Women

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Planning and decorating a single bedroom seems like a lot of work and designing. So, when it comes to decorating your whole house, you usually prefer to leave it in the hands of professional interior designers. However, with the right plan and schedule, you can easily do it yourself. You know best about what you would like, and so, only you can execute it well. All it takes is a little planning and management.

Women seem to have an eye for choosing complementing colors or styles, which is evident by their dominance in the fashion industry. Yes, we agree, decorating from scratch can be a little daunting and scary. However, at the same time, it is exciting and challenging.

How to Plan and Decorate Your Home Top Ideas for Women
How to Plan and Decorate Your Home Top Ideas for Women

Think of it as a project! Break down all aspects of decoration into easy steps and accomplish each step one by one. Make a work schedule and set deadlines for each task. How to do that?

Here are a few ways you can plan and decorate your new home in no time:

Get Inspired:

The first step is to create a board of all ideas, interior decoration, wall colors, textures, fabrics, furniture pieces, etcetera that you like. Once you have all your inspiration in place, start sorting out which theme you would like to which room. You should consider the activities you plan to do at home. For example, if you want a workstation, you should pin down a writing desk or lamp. Now, that you’ve created a base and style theme for each room, take inventory. See, which stuff you already have that goes with the themes. You can sell or donate stuff that you don’t need.

Plan Everything:

Now, according to the aesthetic you have created, list down all the furniture you need. For example, you might want to add a vanity or a bar or the usual necessities like sofas, side tables, chairs etcetera. Consider it and list it all down. Next, measure and map everything according to your floor plan. Place down necessities first, then see if there is still room left for luxuries. Next, you should create a lighting plan and which type of lighting you would need and where. The last stage of planning is to budget everything. List down all the furniture and their prices into a spreadsheet to see if they match your budget. Always remember to leave a margin of 20% for any unprecedented occurrences.

Take action:

After planning everything, the next step is to buy what you planned according to your budget. After you are done settling all your furniture, you can start with paint. Paint should be done after all the furniture has been selected to ensure it is in line with the theme. Next stage is to buy some accessories if you have any leftover money.

Choose the artwork accordingly. For example, if you have gone for more of a vintage theme then you might like some sepia-toned oil paintings, or if you chose a contemporary them, then two-tone photograph style paintings are the best. Wall art is another great way to customize your home according to your taste. There are millions of designs available online or if you like you can create one yourself too.

Wall artwork challenges your creativity and adds an extra panache to your home. For the best wall art for your home available in the market, you can check out online guides such as House Decorio. Their guide features full instructions on what type of wall art will look good in your specific room according to its size and function. So, get your thinking caps on and start planning for your dream home yourself!