How to Balance Motherhood and Career

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The number of women in the workforce has gone up over time, and in the United States, they make up for half of the workforce. Amongst these women, there are also mothers, both part time and full time. Being a working mother can at times bring about the feeling of guilt and stress, and in this article, we are going to try and figure out how they can balance motherhood and career.

Let Go of the Guilt

It is important for one to let go of the guilt, and the best way of doing this is to focus on how your job is benefitting the child, and not the hours that you’re spending away from the child. Think of the things that you can spend the money on, such as securing the child’s college education, or membership to a club. Focus on the priorities, and also talk about it. There are support groups and blogs that can help these mom’s cope with motherhood and career.

How to Balance Motherhood and Career

Find Quality Childcare

You need to get references to nannies, babysitters, and daycare centers, and then schedule meetings with them. It would be best to employ nannies that have a history showing their experience and adaptability. If you have older children, you might want to get a nanny that can help with their homework. Before hiring, you should set up a playdate with the nanny, lasting at least two hours, to see how she interacts with the kids. A good daycare facility should have flexible hours, a low teacher-to-student ratio, outdoor space, up-to-date licenses, and background checked employees.

Make the Mornings Easier

Mornings can be crazy if you’re not organized. Prepare for the morning the night before. You can lay out their clothes, pack their lunches and everything else that needs to be done. This will also allow you to spend a few minutes eating breakfast with the kids without rushing out of the house.

Create and Organize a Family Calendar

Come up with a family calendar that includes all the priorities, events, extra-curricular activities, birthday and many more. Using Google calendars would be a great idea since it can be easily shared and synced on smartphones.

Stay Connected During the Day

You can stay connected through things like video or voice recordings. There are recordable story books you can leave for the kids. Things like photographs so that they can see your face is also a way to connect. You can also call the child during your breaks to find out how they are doing.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

We are now going to look at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a non-profit, non-partisan policy foundation whose aim is to defend free nations against their enemies. It is one of the organizations that employs mothers that have to balance their careers and their families. This organization was founded soon after the September 11 bombing by terrorists in a bid to stem more acts of terror. According to Thomas Joscelyn, a terrorism expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Al Qaeda is growing bigger and more powerful. This could ultimately mean greater danger. FDD is looking for ways of tackling them before they strike.


as a mother, you can balance your career and your family and become successful at both. Whether you choose a career in FDD or any other industry, go for it.