3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Really Care About How Attractive a Guy Is

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Looking good is a big issue for many, and many men will struggle to look good in the eyes of the women. This is because there is the general perception that women will only go for good looking men. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why women don’t really care about how attractive a guy is.

Women are Biologically More Attracted to Social Status

By social status, we are not talking about fancy cars or big houses, but rather we are talking about social intelligence. Women are innately attracted to socially skilled men that have the power to make them laugh, act confidently and communicate effectively. These are the sort of men that flip on the women’s switches.

Men Can Manipulate Their Level of Attractiveness

Knowing women are primarily attracted to favorable traits like leadership, confidence, humor, social aptitude amongst others, and that means that if attraction was based on looks, many men would still be single. A good thing that men can work on their personalities and easily win the hearts of women.

3 Reasons Why Women Don't Really Care About How Attractive a Guy Is
3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Really Care About How Attractive a Guy Is

Looks Are Not Permanent

Unlike our hearts and souls that can remain the same forever, our looks are constantly changing as we age, and this is something that women know intuitively. They know that there is the possibility of a man balding, growing a pot belly, or just age like everyone else. Men with the best personalities attract women the most, unlike men that look attractive.

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Men don’t necessarily have to look good to be attractive to women, since women are more biologically attracted the men. The women, on the other hand, need to look their best, and that is where the Iconic Medispa comes in.