Time to Know Why Women Love Diamonds

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We’ve all heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, it should come as no surprise that many people wonder just why that statement’s true. After all, it’s easy to see the thrill in a woman’s face when she’s given a diamond. But why? It’s time to know why women love diamonds.

Moti Ferder could probably delineate a host of reasons women love them. He’s the president and design director of Lugano Diamonds. He’s also the founder. Some would even call him a jewelry expert and master craftsman. With his kind of unparalleled insight into diamonds and the jewelry industry we are certain he would agree with the reasons on our list.

Time to Know Why Women Love Diamonds

Some of the Many Reasons Women Adore Diamonds

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. And yet, women appear to love them all. Of course, they may have a preference for rings, or stud earrings, but the basis remains: diamonds. Here are some of the many reasons women adore diamonds:

  • Diamonds are precious stones. Women understand the value in them. They see them as the best of the best. So, when a woman is given a diamond from someone she loves, there’s significant reason to believe that individual sees her as equally precious. That makes a woman’s heart melt. Wearing that gift is a constant reminder that someone values her immensely. Learn more.
  • Face it, they sparkle. There is nothing that looks as divine, or shines as brightly as a diamond. Diamonds have the ability to last a long time while still keeping that sparkle. This gives a woman something that will bring light to her day every time she looks at it.
  • They are symbolic. People spend money on diamonds because they represent something to them. This attaches additional meaning to the diamond a woman is wearing. It doesn’t have to be a marital reminder. It could be a graduation gift. Regardless, there is symbolism within the diamond that makes it all the more valuable to a woman. Read this.
  • Choices abound. Every woman is different, just like each diamond. Each woman will have her own preference when it comes to cut and setting. And, thankfully, there are many choices out there that will allow her to find the exact piece she’s looking for.
  • Diamonds are unique. Women love the ability to feel like they are special. And, since no two women are the same, she will attach that to the fact no two diamonds are the same. Diamonds then become sentimental, irreplaceable, reminders of the woman’s own uniqueness and value.
  • Diamonds make women feel good. Diamonds are a fashion statement no matter your socioeconomic status. Wearing a diamond makes a woman feel great. It empowers her by allowing her to rest in the knowledge that she is indeed special to someone. This gives women, who often battle with poor self-images, a strength that they may not have realized existed before.

Diamonds are only created by tremendous pressure over time. A smart man will realize that the woman he loves is very much like that diamond. She has undoubtedly been under tremendous pressure over time to become the beautiful, valuable, creature he knows now. Why not represent that knowledge with a diamond worthy of her value? Learn more about the diamond creating process here.