Why It Is Ok To Be a Meat-Eating Woman

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A lot of snobbism is going on regarding the entire meat topic.  Meat eaters are greatly discouraged and often even endure hate speech by feminists, vegetarians and a lot of other people with modernized opinions.  Female meat eaters endure even more snobbism because meat isn’t considered as the most feminine of dinner types.  In fact, meat-eating women are usually considered as bulky, masculine, overweight and very unfeminine.  This is very far from the truth and people need to start getting over the fact that some women just love their meat.  Here is exactly why it is perfectly fine for women to eat and love their meats:

Why It Is Ok To Be a Meat-Eating Woman
Why It Is Ok To Be a Meat-Eating Woman

Meat is good for boosted cognitive function

The meat of grass-eating animals is extremely high in Vitamin B12 which is good for boosting cognitive function.  Those that love to debate can get pretty passionate about what this could mean regarding the fact that men used to be considered as ‘smarter’ than women a while back and that this might be linked to the fact that men have a tendency to consume a lot more red meat than women.

Meats are good for overall brain health

Fish and shellfish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid which is superb for maintaining a healthy and quick mind.  Some of the best fish to consume for a healthier mind is salmon, grouper, black cod and more.

Meats are good for muscle health

Your muscles need protein in order to remain strong and healthy.  And no, strong muscles are not just important for men.  A lot of women rely on physical strength to do their jobs on a daily basis and there is nothing that looks better in a set of yoga pants than a woman with toned legs.  Lean meats are the best for boosting your body and muscles, especially when you are working out.  Lean meats are packed in protein and other nutrition and don’t contain as many unhealthy fats that could result in medical conditions like cholesterol.

The final verdict on female meat eaters

The final verdict is that it is perfectly fine for women to eat and love meat.  Meat makes you smarter, gives you a healthier mind and strengthens your muscles so you can maintain weight better, get better gym results and look younger for longer.

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