The 6 Best Women’s Sports to Consider for Improved Fitness

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Sports are not just for young school girls and sports stars.  Anyone can enjoy sports at any age. There are a lot of different sports out there and all of these sports have some pretty fantastic health benefits for your body.  If you want to start changing the way you do things, react to the world and especially the way your body look then you can definitely consider joining up a local sports team in your area.  Here are the top sports for women that are bound to improve your fitness level and body.

The 6 Best Women’s Sports to Consider for Improved Fitness


Softball is also called ladies baseball and is by far one of the best sports to consider if you want to improve your fitness level a bit, get out of the house more often and just have some good clean fun with friends.  Softball is terrific for boosting your social and leadership skills and has some pretty fantastic health benefits such as weight balance, calorie burning, flexibility improvement and more for your body.  The sport is relatively easy to play and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get started.  You can check out to have an ok at some of the best softball bats on the market and to learn a bit more about this fantastic sport.


Kickboxing isn’t usually a sport that is considered for women but it is pretty great for women.  You can use kickboxing to learn to defend yourself – important for all women – and you can use this sport to tone your body, lose weight and build gorgeous muscles.  Kickboxing can be pursued as a general gym activity or you can compete in championships if you aren’t afraid to take a hit.


Running is one of the best sports to consider simply because it is so common.  There are plenty of running championships all over the world in all states and towns where you can compete, have some fun and test your limits.  If you are not into competing then you can also use running to just reduce stress, balance your weight and get out of the house for a bit of fresh air.


Is there a golf course nearby?  Great then it is time to start taking up golf.  Golf is great exercise as long as you don’t use a golf cart and swing practice is absolutely fantastic for toning your arms and back so you can look extra good in those summer dresses and strapped tops.


Want great looking legs?  Then tennis is a must.  You can enjoy this sport all on your own or with a friend.  Tennis is terrific for burning calories, toning your body and for building great looking leg muscles so you can shine in those tights and short dresses.


Cycling is also one of the most popular sports there is.  You are bound to find a cycling competition in your location no matter where you live.  Lots of women love to cycle for fitness and for weight loss.